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Walking into her room Erica sat her suitcase down on her bed. Pulling off her shirt as the sweat caused it to start sticking to her. It was 92 degrees outside and felt like 100 inside thanks to the air conditioning being broken. Unpacking her clothes putting them back into her dresser she looked over her shoulder seeing her best friend doing the same. Moving to put her sheets onto the bed she heard a frustrated groan being let out from the other side of the room.

"Erica, I'm seriously bout to strip naked and finish this" Abby said as she sat down on her identical twin bed. Facing Erica her face with a slight mug as beads of sweat dripped down.

Letting out a muffled laugh she eyed her best friend of 12 years, "I know by now you would think they fixed since it was broken last year."

Getting up to turn on the small fan sitting on the night stand between their beds, Abby sat down. "How long do you think it will take for everyone to figure out you and shad broke up?"

Averting her eyes somewhere else she let out a sigh, "When they see him with a new chick at the party tonight"

Removing her shoes Abby asked another question, "Are you going to be okay when you see that, like will you be able to handle minimunch"

"I mean I don't know but my plan is to just ignore him until we graduate in two years"

Laugh insanely Abby said "you can always try but ain't know way you can ignore that big ole bobble head"

Not being able to control her laugh she gave Abby a playful girl which only caused her to laugh even harder. No longer being able to hold it Erica let out her fit of giggles, "Abby, but seriously how could he just up and cheat after everything we been through. I mean the only reason I came to this dang school was for us to be together. 6 years down the drain, I mean come on we've been together since our freshmen year in high school. And just for me to later find out that he cheated on me almost our whole freshmen year of college."

"I know babe but think about it like this if you didn't come here then one you wouldn't be with me, two I'd probably be dead because my roommate killed me all because she wanted my boyfriend and become me." Abby smiled

Laughing at her crazy mindset, "this ain't the roommate and you don't have a boyfriend"

"Who don't have a boyfriend" a new voice entered the conversation. Erica and Abby turned and looked at the figure now standing in the door way.

"You so nosy always popping up in somebody's conversation" getting up from her bed Abby said, "What you want China"

"Don't Abby just don't think I'm not still mad at you about re-gifting something that was already mine"China said as she shielded herself from Abby's hug.

Abby and Erica laughed, "I don't see why you are mad you always asked for it back so I just happened to think; what's better then to get someone something they have been wanting." she asked as she finally gave up on trying tor get a hug.

"Can't we just get rid of her E" China stated as her shook her head and mugged Abby.

"Y'all wouldn't be able to do nothing with out me y'all need me"

Rolling her eyes China turned her attention to Erica, "Whatever, have you seen Shad."

"Nope and I don't plan to why" Erica looked up at her from her phone confused.

"Nothing I just saw him heading to Phi Delta house." China face held a look of concern

Letting out a shaky breath she said "Was he with a girl"

"No just some of the other frat brothers, they are helping him move his stuff back in." Erica let out a breath that she didn't know she was holding and just nodded her head.

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