{Scarlett's POV}

When Christian and I rushed through the doors of the small infirmary, I was quick to find a nurse.

"Madison." I said to her as she looked at her clipboard. 

"Right this way." My heart was acting all sorts of funny as we walked towards a room. 

I heard the shouting of faint spanish and smiled, oh mama. 

When I walked through the door, I saw all three of them sitting as some nurses were cleaning the cuts they had. 

"Oh niña, tell them I'm fine." My mom said once she saw me.

"You need to get looked over." I said making my way to them and my father stood embracing me into a hug. 

"I missed you, bear." He said and I smiled at his nickname he's used since I was a kid. 

Even through our rough patches we have with one another, we still love one another.

"I missed you to papa." I pulled back taking in his appearance, he looked tired. 

His eyes shifted to behind me and he sighed looking at Christian. "I couldn't believe it at first when your mom told me, but when the royal guards showed up...I just knew it had to be true." 

"Mr. Madison, can we talk?" Christian asked before I could reply and papa slowly nodded and made his way to him.

"Call me Allen." Papa said and I smiled, I hope they get along. 

"You are so lucky." Ashlee, who had been quiet the whole time,  spoke.

"I am." I walked over sitting next to her and pulled her to my side. 

"How are you feeling, sis?" 

"Terrible. It was terrifying, dios mío...I was terrified." I frowned hugging her. 

"If you ever want to talk about it, I'm here," I mumbled. 

"Many guards rushed into the house, it was frightening, and then I heard the shots. We were being ushered out the back door to go and hop the fence and two guards stayed behind fighting off two hunters, blood was everywhere." She confessed, well that explains all the blood. 

"They saved our lives, the guards protected us and I couldn't be happier." She looked off. 

"What else is there?" I asked knowing she wasn't telling me something. 

Her eyes drifted to our mom and I got the message. 

"Mom, I'm going to take her for a bite to eat down in the dining room while you're getting finished up." Mom nodded and shoo'd us away causing me to laugh. 

"Well?" I asked once we left the room. 

"I found my mate, Scar." I halted. 

"Who was it?" 

"One of the guards, I think that was part of the reason they were so determined to get us out of there." I smiled. 

"That's great! Where is he?" She shrugged and started walking again. 

"What do you look upset still, shouldn't you be happy?" I asked. 

"He rejected me, Scarlett!" She nearly yelled and I flinched at the direct change in mood.

"He what? Why?" 

"He didn't say. He just did it once we got here and left as I was escorted to the infirmary." I saw red. 

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