Act I Scene 1

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Scene 1 

A college lecture hall. ETHAN, a man in his 

mid-thirties, is the guest speaker at the podium. 

HE shuffles his notes, then begins.


Thank you for inviting me to Sarah Lawrence. I'm 

honored to be the guest speaker to welcome in what's 

probably the biggest event of human history. I guess 

I'll start off this lecture by correcting any 

assumptions that you might've heard about choosing to 

stay here or upload. 

Changes slide. 

ETHAN (cont'd) 

First of all, being uploaded won't necessarily make you 

smarter. If you have a brain chip installed, then don't 

worry, you'll be able to function at just as high a 

speed as your friends who don't want their old bodies 


Changes slide. 

ETHAN (cont'd) 

Second, when you upload, your consciousness is 

definitely transferred along with the rest of the 

information, even philosophically. The process starts 

with making a copy that is 100% off, then we slowly 

start turning on the different parts of the virtual 

brain as your physical brain is manually being shut 

down. The brains will work in tandem until the virtual 

brain is running everything. There is no point at which 

you as a person will ever shut off. In fact, you 

wouldn't even notice it was happening if there weren't 

a progress bar on the computer. 

When we make the home version next year, we'll even 

have your computer take in your surroundings so that 

the virtual room will be identical to the physical one. 

The version out tomorrow will be at participating 

doctors' offices, so their rooms have all been 


Changes slide. 

ETHAN (cont'd) 

Next, at the lunch, a lot of you were asking me where 

you'd be living. For most of you, you'll probably be 

living where you've been living up to now. However, 

I've heard that some of you don't want to live where 

you currently are due to high rent or because you can't 

afford a body. While I highly recommend buying a new 

body and I stress the fact that it's only $5000, I 

understand that due to student loans or other 

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