Chapter 3: Isis

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They do realize there’s another leg right? Oh well. Jenna sat next to me smiling at the scene when everyone was chatting amongst themselves. I know she likes it when I have friends over since she knows I’m on my own so much. I like to have my time to myself sometimes but it’s really nice to have people over. It’s probably why I have parties so much here. At least when Jenna’s gone.

“Gordy? You okay sweetie?” She said softly to me. I smiled at her showing her I was fine. “Just lost in thought. Thanks for dinner Jenna.” She grinned in response and kissed my forehead. Lyle and Benny made kissing noises at her and I making me scowl at them, “Shut up if you know what’s good for you.” They shut up while Corbin smirked at me but said nothing.





Chapter 3:


Gordon’s POV:



“Do you have your cell phone?” I sighed and placed my overnight bag into the back of the Hummer. “Yes Jenna.” I answered for the hundredth time in the past five minutes. She bit her lip worriedly, “Do you have you emergency kit?” Rolling my eyes I shut the back of the car. “Yes Jenna.” She held up her finger as I was walking away from her causing me to pause, “Wait! Did you remember the-” I cut her off chuckling. Swooping down to her height I kissed her cheek, “Yes Jenna! We’ll be fine. We’ve done this every year since we were twelve, when you had to take us! I promise, we’ll be safe.” I winked. She nodded reluctantly giving me the go ahead to jump in the drivers seat.



She does this every year since the year we were old enough to go on our own. The guys were already in the car as we waived and sped off. The packed tents were taking up some of my vision in the back of the car. I could’ve gotten hotel rooms but we all liked sleeping outside in tents. I already have permits available to do so for a few years now.



“Did you remember the alcohol?” Corbin asked like Jenna when we hit the highway. He was switching through the radio, “Yes Corbin.” I mocked back. “Did you remember to bring your own protection?” I snickered and patted my backpack, “Yes Corbin.” We laughed after that. I’m so glad Jenna didn’t check our bags.



She would’ve found things she wouldn’t have liked. Such as, fireworks…illegal fireworks. Alcohol, c*ndoms, and other various things. We goofed off for the entire ride there which was two hours in total. I was crossing my fingers for good weather.



“No, no, no, no! Chrissie has the bigger boobs!” Benny argued when we were almost there. I shook my head at all of them, “Guys! We’re going to see plenty of them this weekend! Relax!” I was getting annoyed. We’ve been talking about boobs for the past half hour! Corbin nodded in agreement, “Yeah guys…Oh hey! Look! There’s some babe’s now. Gordon! Roll down the windows!” I snickered but did what he asked.

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