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(y/n) sat in her room with her seven year old sister.(y/n) was fourteen now and she was soon turning fifteen which meant she could join the military.

She wasn't really strong but she at least wanted to protect her little sister.You see,(y/n)'s younger sister is blind so she can't really defend for herself.

"Big sister?"said Joan,(y/n)'s little sister,with a worried expression."Do you really want to join the military?"

(y/n) looked at Joan with a smile saying,"Of course.If it means protecting you then I will."(y/n) held one of Joan's hands which made her smile.

"Promise me you'll take care of yourself and you'll eat properly.Got it?"Joan said sternly with a hint of playfulness.

"Yes,mom."(y/n) joked."I promise I'll go to sleep at my bedtime."Saying that made (y/n) earn a punch in the arm making the two laugh.

Because of the Titans,you rarely find people smile like these two.But (y/n) always found something to joke about in dark times which always made Joan smile.

"Hey,big sis."Joan said sadly."When do you wanna see mom and dad's graves?"

(y/n)'s smile slowly faded and was replaced with a frown.She looked out the window saying,"I'm not sure...maybe tomorrow.How's that?"

"Mmm!"Joan hummed happily.(y/n) smiled at her sister's happiness.After their parents died,(y/n) rarely smiled.The only person she now smiles for is her sister and her grandfather.

(y/n) pulled the younger female close to her and whispered,"I promise I'll protect.Until I die."

Sorry this be short,but it's a prologue.What can I do?So the next chapter is when (y/n)'ll be in the training camp for the first time.So here's a random tongue twister;

Toy Boat

Try say it over twenty times.

You failed didn't you.Well,it's actually the hardest and shortest tongue twister is could find lol.Sorry I'll go write the next chapter now... ;-;

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