29- Hades

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Percy's PoV:

We went inside the gate to end up in the Fields of Asphodel. We froze in place. The Fields of Asphodel looked even bigger than New York. It was packed with hundreds of thousands of souls that were walking aimlessly from one place to another. The fields were swampy with some black trees here and there. They looked very dismal since there was no noise and no light.

"This place gives me the creeps..." Grover broke the silence. I looked at him to see him chewing on a metal can.

"We should start walking." Luke said. The rest of us nodded and we started moving.

We weaved through souls and trees for miles. In the distance, we could see the Fields of Punishment burning with rivers of lava. Minefields and miles of barbed wire separated the different torture areas. In the other direction, we could see Elysium. There were beautiful houses from every period in history, such as Roman villas, Medieval castles and Victorian mansions. Inside was a beautiful blue lake and three islands were in the middle, the Isles of the Blest. Despite all of this, only a very few people were in Elysium. It was a pity how only a very few people chose to do good in their lives.

"As early as now, I want to go to Elysium. Life back up there is hell." Clarisse folded her arms.

"I know, right. Although, I don't want to die this early." Grover said.

"Guys, look!" Luke pointed at a palace of obsidian towers. "It's Hades' place."

We could see the Furies flying proudly over Hades' palace. As we reached the gates, which had scenes of death carved on them, they opened to let us in but we didn't enter right away. Inside, we could see a garden of jewels and a pomegranate garden. They're were also statues of all kinds of people and animals.

"There should be guards inside, we should be careful." Luke said and took out his peculiar sword.

"We won't really need to sneak in." I said. "I could talk to Hades." He raised one of his eyebrows.

"Okay then." He said hesitantly and led the way in.

Sure enough, there were skeletons of former soldiers who were standing guard on either side of the corridor. Everywhere there was black marble and bronze floors. We reached the door to Hades' throne room and it swung open for us to enter. There he was, lounging in his throne of fused human bones. He was at least ten feet tall and was dressed in black silk robes with a crown of braided gold. His skin was albino white and his hair was jet black and shoulder-length. From all the gods I've met, Hades looked the most godlike. Beside his throne was a throne made out of flowers which, I guessed, belonged to Persephone. But she wasn't present. In front of him was Nico.

"But you said you will let me see my mother if I brought her to you!" Nico shouted in rage.

"I'm afraid I cannot do that, son. You forgot the tiny detail of not being caught." At that, Hades looked at us with his cold eyes. Nico turned and his facial expression turned from anger to shock to anger again. Then he turned back to Hades as if we weren't there.

"I still brought her here by hook or by crook. Now let me see my mother!" The atmosphere turned colder and darker. Hades shook his head.

"I'm sorry, son. And where are your manners? Can't you see that we have guests?" Hades said coldly. Then he looked at me straight in the eyes. "What brings you here Perseus?" I grew into my godly size since I didn't want to talk to a fellow god looking like an ant.

"I'm here to get Thalia back." I said firmly, still holding eye contact with Hades.

"I cannot give her back to you. You see, I need her to put that pesky Zeus where he belongs." He said with a crooked smile. "If that is the only reason you came here for, I think you should leave now." His undead guards closed in on us.

"You know that these skeletons are useless against me." I said calmly.

"But you're still in my domain, Perseus." He smiled evilly. "Attack!"

They came on us like a whirlwind of bones and weapons. I stomped on many of them as I could but more kept on coming. I shrank down to my normal size since I could fight better like this and got out Riptide. I looked around to check if my companions were fine while sparring with 3 skeletons at the same time. Rachel was hitting skeletons on the head with her hairbrush, Grover was playing on his reed pipe and used its magic to defeat the skeletons, while Clarisse was like a war machine, fighting off the skeletons with her spear and shield. I looked around for Luke but I couldn't find him. Hades was still looking at us with amusement and Nico was no where to be seen. Before I could look for Luke, one of the skeletons tried to stab me in the stomach but I dodged it at the last second and cut the skeleton in half. I grew tired of sword fighting with the skeletons so I decided to use my powers instead. I grew to my godly size again and scooped up Rachel, Grover and Clarisse in my left hand. Then, with my right hand, I scorched all of the tiny skeletons on the floor until nothing was left. I turned to Hades to find his throne empty.

"Where did that coward go?!" I boomed. Then I heard a commotion coming from where we came. I put Rachel, Grover and Clarisse down and went back to my normal size. "Follow me!" I gestured to them and ran to where the commotion came from.

The palace was huge with many corridors so it was not easy to find the place. Finally after swerving from one corridor to another, we found them. They were in front of a black door with a golden frame. Luke was in front of the door, carrying Thalia on his back while Nico was opposite him with his Stygian Iron sword.

"Nico! Put your sword down!" I shouted at him. Luke glanced at us and got out a clear pearl from his pocket. Nico glared at me.

"You're a fool! We should stop him!" Nico said. I couldn't understand what he talking about.

"Why should we--" Luke interrupted Grover.

"I'm sorry guys." Then he put the pearl on the floor and stepped on it, in a flash.

"No!" Nico tried to stop him but he and Thalia disappeared in smoke. I was shocked by what Luke did. Nico turned to us. "You were fools to trust him all along! We have to stop him before Kronos uses Thalia!" My eyes widened.

"Why should we trust you?" Clarisse glared at him. "You were the one who kidnapped Thalia in the first place and brought her to Hades!"

"I was going to get her out of here after I saw my mother!" Nico clenched his fists.

"And why would you do that?!"

"Clarisse, calm down." I stopped both of them before they could tear each other into pieces. "Nico, are you really telling us the truth that Luke works for Kronos?"

"Yes! He even tried to recruit me to their bunch of traitors when I tried to stop him from getting Thalia by promising me that I could see my mother! Isn't his apology and getting away enough proof to you?!" I processed what he said in my mind.

Then suddenly, a lot of strange things made sense to me. He was very distant when he bumped into me in the labyrinth. He also wanted to sneak in to Hades' palace and not be seen. He even disappeared in the middle of our fight with the skeleton guards.

"How can we trust you?" I looked at him in the eye.

"No matter what Kronos offers me, I will not accept it. He was the reason why my sister died." He gritted his teeth. "I will help you get Thalia back and defeat Kronos." I could sense that he was telling the truth.

"Fine. Do you know where he took her to?" I asked him.

"I think you already know."

Then I remembered. Mt. Tamalpais.

Word Count: 1415 (excluding A/N)
Date Published: June 6, 2017
A/N: Here is another update for you guys! School is almost near and I'll have less time to write, so I'll try to update again. The climax is near so it'll be more challenging for me. Thank you for the reads, votes and comments!!! Please keep on supporting this story! I'll keep the A/N short so enjoy the rest of your day!

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