After school

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This part of the story is about Tillie and takes place after school has finished. In this part Kanye and Derick will be included.

Tillie's P.O.V:
I started walking home along with Emma my best friend she lived two blocks away from me which meant that for most of the way we'd walk together however for the last few minutes I would have to walk by myself. We laughed and joked around till we had to split up. I hugged her really tight and then we said our goodbyes and finally split. I put my earphones in my ears and clicked play on my playlist l. The song "Thousand Years"by Bars and Melody came on. I loved them so much! My mum said that if I did well in my exams I'd be able to go and meet them. I carried on walking, however today it felt different. Usually I found it fine walking alone and I didn't mind it all but today I could sense someone watching me or maybe even following me. I decided to get my friend on my phone to make me feel safer, I got this idea from a Karlee Steel video which I had watched on YouTube the day before.

Kanye's P.O.V:
"So how old is she ? " I asked Derick. He turned to me "14" he replied "Anything else you want to know?" he asked me, he seemed quite angry, but I wasn't one to put up with his moods. "Look, if you're don't want to help me then you can leave". He looked at me and then left. I was so angry. What was I supposed to do now. Then suddenly the ongoing thought came back to
my head. "Tell Kim" I whispered to myself.

Authors Note: Sorry this was a short part. But I hope you've enjoyed it x Feel free to message me if you have any suggestions. I will keep updating everyday.

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