The walk up to the cliff-chapter 2

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Capricorn p.o.v

The bus halted an echo of gasps sounded around the bus I looked at the nearest window I gaped at the view. We had parked just in front of a massive cliff so tall the clouds fogged around the top close enough to touch, a stone temple sat on the tip top it all it was made of ancient stone covered in vines and green emeralds reflecting the sun making the old building gleam. "Wow look at that Cappy" my friend Virgo gawped "that must be the teleportation building" I breathed "wow you mean that old heap is our way to earth" a girl with long black hair said her icy blue eyes staring into a gaze "well that 'heap' is the temple Orion the most respected temple of this universe" a stern voice snapped we all whipped our heads and turned to a tall woman in a fancy robe with a tall head piece that let her long brown hair tumble over her shoulders "I am mars your escort to the teleporter and earth" she said looking down at the measly teenagers. "I'm surprised she fits on the bus with that headpiece" Leo sniggered to Aries the both stifled laughs as mars shot them death glares "due to your horrific behaviour you shall be banished to earth until the end of your schooling years" she said everyone stared at her half asleep "Jesus if it gets me out of your lecture let's get 'banished' to earth already" a blonde girl said rolling her eyes " HOPE-fully you have all learned how to behave like civilised beings" she snapped "right let's leave already" another girl with black/brown hair said quietly under her breath I shot her a look she just pulled her hoodie more over her head scowling. " right! Follow me up the cliff it should only be a 20 minute walk if you are all fit" she shot a look at all of us doubtfully.

Virgo p.o.v
We all followed mars. We had all seemed to gone into groups I had walked next to Capricorn and another boy with white hair, he seemed to be keeping to himself so I left him alone. "We really messed up Virgo" Capricorn sighed "yeah big time" I replied but smirked remembering how fun it was I never really did bad stuff but when the opportunity came up I grabbed it and wow it was good "what you smirking about?" Capricorn asked giving me a look "oh nothing just remembered something funny" I smiled he rolled his eyes and continued to walk "so uh what did you do to get on earth" the white haired boy asked timidly "oh uh why you wanna know?" I asked suspiciously eyeing him "I dunno just interested" he said flatly "well me and this joker" I nudged cappy "Hey and aqua" Capricorn said pointing at Aquarius who was walking silently next to him "haha yeah don't forget about me" she laughed "didn't see you there" I shot smirking "well we were all good friends with prince Orion and he invited us to hang around his quarters but the guards wouldn't let us in because our 'attire' was too scruffy and dirty" I put on a fake posh voice "so we went to the back of castle and climbed over the walls" Aquarius face palmed remembering what we did " when we were climbing we came past the queens chamber annnndddd..." I paused the white haired boys face looked blank but he was still listening "we saw in her desk a load of papers and being the weirdo curious people we are we climbed in and had a look" he scoffed at us Aquarius burst our laughing " so on one of the papers it was a load of adoption papers and we could all do a perfect signature replicas of the queens signature because prince Orion taught us for a random reason so we signed them all" he looked at us eyes wide open " mean prince nuclear,Lunar and princess star,Pluto and Venus were all YOUR doing..?!" He said laughing out loud "yep!" Capricorn perked laughing along with him "too bad prince Orion ratted on us let's just say the queen wasn't to pleased with 5 unexpected babies turning up at her door once she found us she locked us in her dungeon and sent us here" I finished we all burst out laughing, the rest of the kids looked at us raising eyebrows and rolling their eyes. "Well you guys are great I'm Scorpio even greater" he smirked "haha nice to know" Aquarius said rolling her eyes "I'm Virgo and that's Capricorn and Aquarius" I said we all nodded and laughed some more.
Maybe this won't be as bad as I thought

Authors note
Well I hope you enjoyed this please tell me if I bore you or anything you'd like to see.
And suggest ship ideas I'm interested to see what others think of shipping
AND I feel like this chapter you won't really understand so here's the jist of it:
Aquarius,Capricorn and Virgo climbed into the queens chamber and signed a bunch of adoption papers because they knew her signature. So the queen ended up having to take care of 5 random babies, they got caught and now they are being sent to earth.
I hope you can understand that better :)

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