The bus-chapter 1

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Authors note
Sorry if I base this story around libra I am one and I don't know how to write as other signs but I'll try my hardest to incorporate every sign.
Here we go! Enjoy and p.s NO HATE OR *spelling police* this is my first book so please just enjoy 😊

Libras p.o.v
I roll my eyes at the screaming bus driver. I shove my hoodie over my head as he launches off at the boy annoying him "LEO STOP FIRING THINGS AT MY HEAD!" He screeches clenching the wheel. Leo smirks and leaned over to whisper something to two girls almost connected by how close they were gossiping to each other, they both giggled at what he said "really do we have too" the one with pink hair sniggered "ohh go on" he said winking at them "cmon let's do it this bus is crawling with losers who are in need in some fun" the blonde said rolling her eyes pulling her pink haired friend up with her they all earned looks of confusion from the other kids on the bus they both laughed then started to sing loudly. I recognised the song 'chained to the rhythm' it was an alright song but I didn't really like Katy perry my big sister did I sighed looking out the window blocking my ears not at their singing but the bus driver "YOU GIRLS SHUT UP OR GET UP AND ILL THROW YOU OFF THIS BUS SIT DOWN NOW!!" He yells angrily the two girls burst out laughing and fell back down on their chairs."this is going to be a loooooong ride"the girl behind me said to an almost asleep boy "uhh....yea" he yawned "let's hope they don't put off the teleported or else we'll have to be 'shipped' to earth" he chuckled gazing off to go to sleep.

"Hey" a voice startled my train of thought I turned around and glared at a blue haired boy "hi?" I said eyeing him warily "what did you do to get on this hell bent bus" he said smiling a lock of blue hair fell over his eye. He looked insane but friendly "oh well I guess you'll find out when we get to earth when we all spill our stories" I grin "well nice to meet you I'm Pisces" he gives a boyish grin "I'm libra" we both talked for the rest of the ride while the other kids around us chatted while the bus driver cursed us with every breath he took.

Authors note-
Well first chapter done! Hope I didn't bore you guys if anyone is reading this please leave suggestions you want to see or any ships because I am quiet the shipper and I'm just saying I'm hoping for some not so stereotypical ships like: leo x libra or Pisces x Scorpio
I see those SO much but anyways hoped you enjoyed this 😀


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