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This part of the story is taking place at the Kardashians mansion.

Narrators P.O.V:
"Look Kanye, I don't know what we're going to do, honestly I just don't know" said Kim sobbing into her hands. "Hey, hey, hey it's fine. Look at me, we are going to get through this" said Kanye reassuringly. He put his arm around Kim and looked at his phone.

Kanye's P.O.V :
I looked at the text which I had just received.
Messages: K-Kayne and D-Derick (which in this story is going to be Kanye's friend).
D- Hey mate, so I found this girl which I think will be alright. Bur honestly are u sure bout this man.
K- of course I'm sure! Kim has been moody and annoyed throughout this whole week.
D- Is she ok with this ?
K- She doesn't even know...
D- well man you gotta tell her !
K- I know ! I will ... when she's ready.
--------------End of texts ------------------
Kim's P.O.V:
I looked up at Kanye, he looked kind of nervous , and if not a bit angry. I wanted to ask if he was okay but I wasn't sure. Perhaps it would be best since today there would be no cameras or anything. "Babe? Are you okay" I asked. "Yeah, Yeah I'm fine" he said he looked a little confused but I didn't want to ask anything else so I just left it. I decided to eat something since I hadn't eaten properly for at least four days. I walked quietly to the kitchen and took out some cinnamon rolls from the cupboard. That's when my mum came in she looked at me and then walked over and smiled. "It'll be okay, don't worry" she whispered and gave m a hug. I smiled and carried on eating. She knew about my situation and I trusted her.
Kanye's P.O.V:
I saw Kim's mum come downstairs and hug Kim. She said something but I couldn't really hear. Soon she turned around and smiled at me "Morning Kanye " she said. "Morning Kris" I smiled. Later on she walked off. I looked up at Kim who was now engrossed in her cinnamon buns. I smiled and told her that I was going to go out to meet Derick for a bit . She looked up and nodded. Then I walked off.

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