Good Luck Hun!

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Tillie's P.O.V :
"Tillie wake up! You're going to be late" shouted my mum from downstairs. "Come on! You have a day full of exams today, you need time to eat ". I walked over to my closet and picked out a simple outfit.
This is an image of the outfit:

"Tillie I made you breakfast, come down now please" said my mum

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"Tillie I made you breakfast, come down now please" said my mum. I walked downstairs with my white bag which consisted of seven pencils, seven pens, a calculator, two rulers and two erasers. "Thank goodness you're down, you have 15 minutes till you need to leave" said my mum. She handed me a plate with a bacon sandwich, egg and backed beans. I quickly finished my breakfast and got ready to leave. "Good Luck Hun!" Said my mum smiling whilst hugging me. Then I walked out the door. I walked along the street and got out my phone from my pocket.
Text messages:
T- Tillie. E-Emma
T-Heyaaa gurlll!
E- Heyyyyyy!!!
T- U ready 4 today ? 😰😰
E- Nope 👎🏽 but I did revise so I suppose it'll be ok...
T- Ya hopefully 😬
E- anyways wbu
T- Idek tbh I'm just worried 😩
E- Me 2 ... we'll be fineee ... cya at skl
T- Mkayy baii x

I put my phone away and walked to school since I didn't wanna waste my battery.

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