Chapter 5: Win

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"Terra please heal my wounds." You said in a monotone voice. Your eyes were dull. Your father had not been allowing you to visit or speak to any of your friends. He had been forcing you to undergo relentless training for the past week. Currently, You were standing in the field behind your house at the dead of night. You had been practicing day and night just as your father instructed. Heavy bags had gathered under your eyes as your father only allowed you 5 hours of sleep a night. Your father kept a close eye on you from the shade. "But (y/n! You know healing your injuries at an accelerated rate will just worsen them over-time! Why do you obey this man so obediently?! He doesn't care for you even if he is your father! You need to stand up for father (y/n)!" Terra yelled at you. "Terra... please." You said in a more pleading tone. The pain you were enduring to win at all costs was tremendous. You hated that what was driving you through this was the will to win ....... for your father's approval. However the fear of disappointing him was even greater. Roots sprung from the ground and wrapped around your legs. Then a green/golden light engulfed you. The pain you felt disappeared. "Enough of this. Proceed with training." You heard your father say. You sighed and nodded. Your father soon used his ability Arson: Nightmare. You were engulfed in black. You looked up and saw crimson colored eyes staring back at you. Soon several fire covered figures began to surround you. You had to admire your father's ability it was absolutely terrifying. His ability included trapping his victims in a terrifying illusion however this illusion was very powerful and you certainly could be hurt because father would be fighting you at the same time. His ability also held the ability to make you see your worst nightmare and more. Many villains have gone insane trying to challenge him making him feared by both heroes and villains. He was far from a symbol of peace like Allmight. It was a wonder to everyone why he was a hero at all.  The fire covered figures came closer and closer. You brought a hand up. "Aeonium field." You said calmly.

The ground beneath them turned into green succulent like plants

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The ground beneath them turned into green succulent like plants. The plants began to cover their figures and their aloe like qualities put the fire away. The airways of all the figures were cut off making them suffocate as well as squeeze them slowly. "(Y-y/n) that's enough!" You heard your father say as he struggled to breath and the other figures dissappeared as well as the illusion. You made the plants stop their actions and return to the earth. "Forgive me father." You said as you sat at his side as he breathed heavily. You immediately where smacked to the side forcing you to the ground as a flamed hand grabbed your throat. "Never show mercy to an enemy. That was one of your first lessons." He said as he looked down at you as if he were staring at a piece of trash on the side walk. Insignificant. Nothing more than a burden to everyone it beholds. The burn around your neck began to worsen. "Father...please." You begged. You saw his eyes widen for a second as if he'd seen a ghost before releasing you. He turned his back on you. "Go to bed. Training is over for now. We'll resume in the morning." He said as he walked back into the house. You sighed as you got off the ground and stood up. You looked up at the bright and vibrant moon.  I just wish you were here and could make things right. Mother, please watch over father. You thought as you began to walk inside. You looked towards the left where your father's room was. You heard a faint muffled cry of a name, "(M-m/n)". It was something you heard often from your father's restless form. He sometimes even muttered the name when he was awake and not paying attention to his surroundings. It hurt you. It was all your fault your mother had died you would never deny that fact. However you still clung to the hope that maybe your father would forgive you and finally accept you as his daughter. You took a sharp right to your room as always keeping your head down to avoid the gazes of the large portrait of your mother and father happily together hanging in the very center of your home. You eventually met your bed and fell face down in it not even bothering to treat your burn and battle wounds as you immediately fell asleep surrounded by the Eden your bedroom had become over time

 You eventually met your bed and fell face down in it not even bothering to treat your burn and battle wounds as you immediately fell asleep surrounded by the Eden your bedroom had become over time

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Time skip
You woke up to daylight hitting your eyes making you sit up immediately. You glanced at the time on your alarm clock. It was 9 in the morning.   Today is the day.... I will not lose. You thought with a hard look. You began to get ready for the day and eventually you got dressed in your blue and white training uniform. You walked out and ran a hand through your hair. "Hurry up. To prepare we're running there." Your father instructed as he pushed his dark purple hair into a high ponytail that trailed down his back. He was wearing his usual purple kimono with cherry blossoms. It surprised you how he could run in it. But your father was a man not to be underestimated. You both headed out the house. You both ran without holding back. The enormous dome soon came into place and you sped up your pace and surpassed your father. You ran through the crowds of people and eventually down a hall with your father hot on your trails. You saw the blue door for the waiting room for class 1-A. You practically burst through the room causing your classmates to turn their heads to you. You weren't even out of breath. Your father followed in behind you. "Well done (y/n). I expect a better performance at the actual competition. Am I understood?" He said as his presence causes everyone to practically shake in their boots. You bowed respectively. "Yes father. I'll give it my all." You said. "I want better than that. Alright, I'll be off to join the other staff." He said as he turned to leave. "Don't disappoint me. (Y/n)" were his parting words. As soon as he left. "Woah was that your father (y/n)? " Uraraka asked. You nodded. "He's super intense!" She said. "He is the most feared hero by both heroes and villains-ribbit!" Tsu said. "It must be an honor to be trained by him. I would give anything to learn from such a worthy hero." Momo commented. Shouto then entered the room catching your gaze. He walked straight towards Deku. "What is it Todoroki?" He asked nervously. "Listen objectively I think I'm better than you. But I've seen you've caught the eye of Allmight. I won't pry into it. But I will beat you." Eijirou stood up and put a hand on Shouto's shoulder. "Hey what are you doing picking a fight all of a sudden?" He asked but he was brushed off as Shouto began to head for the door. "Why not? We're not here to make friends." He said. That's right this is a competition. Everyone is going for number one without holding back. I thought as my intense gaze surfaced once again. "Your right. I do believe you are stronger than me objectively. But aiming for the top..... and I will be giving it my all as well." Deku said with a confident look. We be began to file out the room to walk out on to the field. The crowd cheered. I mustn't allow the crowd distract me. Absolute focus. I thought as we were announced. Along with the other classes. "What is Ms.Midnight wearing?!"
"That's an R rated hero for you."
You looked up and nearly face planted on the ground as you witnessed her outfit. My innocent eyes have been scarred. You thought. "The class representative to give the pledge is Bakugo Katsuki." Ms. Midnight announced. Katsuki walked up the stage rudely with bad posture and his hands in his pockets. He stood in front of the microphone with a glare. "I pledge- that I will win." He said. People Immediately began booing. I had a feeling he would do that. But something tells me he was absolutely serious. You thought as he walked pass you while rudely bumping shoulders with you. "A-Alright how about we go ahead and get started." A large screen appeared behind Ms.Midnight. "and we begin with obstacle course!.... and don't forget allowed to go all out." She said as she seductively licked her lips.

You stood behind the line with everyone else. The light above you began to go down by green lights. As it reached the the last one you allowed your eyes to turn (green/yellow). Victory will be mine. You thought as you along with everyone else began to run and fight with everything they had

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