The Mortal

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"Why aren't you worshiping me mortal?"
"Sorry, not interested."
"Not... interested?"
"That is what I said, yes."
"But," the immortal spluttered, "but I am Ares, the powerful and raging god of war. All bow before me, all worship at me feet."
"Well, Mr. Ares, I have six finals in exactly 8 hours and 27 minutes, and you are interrupting my studying time, so I hope you can excuse me from bowing before you on this special occasion."
"I have the power to kill you with a snap of my fingers, or- or turn you into an ant of the earth."
"Please do, I'm really terribly unprepared for my History final and you see, ants and dead people don't have to worry about flunking, 'Ancient Greek and Roman Mythology.'"
Ares blinked, momentarily stupefied. The mortal returned to reviewing the many sons of Zeus and reasons why Hera was a horrible wife.
"But I am Ares the mighty god of war. Mortals worship me, kiss my feet, tell tales of my terrifying heroics."
"You've said that." The mortal paused, "Wait did you say people have told stories about you?"
"Yes." Ares responded, puffing out his chest, waiting for the human to recognize him, crumble to her knees and beg for forgiveness for her stupidity.
"Like the Ares? From Greek mythology?"
"Oh Hallelujah!" The human exclaimed. Jumping up to her feet and throwing the book she had been studying back into the park bench. "You can tell me everything about the Greek stories that I need to know! I don't even have to study. This is wonderful."

"Then Ares sat down and helped my study for my college final." The old woman concluded her story.
"Really?" Her young grandson gasped in amazement.
"Really." The old woman replied, a smile on her lips as she reflected on how exciting her college years had been. "Now, I believe it's time for you to go to sleep Timmy."
"Do I have to Grandma? Can't you just tell me oone more story?"
"'Not tonight my darling, sleep now, goodnight."
"Goodnight grandma."
"Goodnight Timmy." And with that the old woman left the room, clicking off the lights as she went, but just as the lightbulb extinguished, Timmy could've sworn he saw the giant form of a hulking, shimmering man-Ares- following his grandmother out the bedroom door.

The End

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