miss you school

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Day i born ...

Born happy ....

Day i pissed ...

Mum changed nappy..

Day i saw mum...

Mum was happy .... .

Many kissed me..

Many hugged me ..

Many tried to make me walk ...

All were celebrating the Day i stArted talk ..

1st word was ummaa..

Was like mumma .....

Dat day was lucky ....

Mum again happy...

I was of 3

Went to school

Every lecture were free

I was sitting like fool

I was of 7

Made 1st frnd

Frndshp was my breath

Like widout that my life ends

No fashion

No any competition

No tears

No any trends

We were happy

Like smile will be till end

Day i left school

Was da day i again became fool

12 years was like 12 days

I wanna go back to my school

Were opening every lock

Without any tool

Thats my life

I miss my school