Ace's P.O.V. 2

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“How does he not know me, remember me?” Kade, my Kade has been working for a month now as my PA, and he has literally kept it PG with me. Yes, it's been a month and and I still can't believe he doesn't know who I am, besides the CEO and his boss.

I've tried asking him out to dinner, he says no. I asked him if he liked for me to drop him off at home, he says no. I asked him out to lunch, he says no. Everything with Kade is no. It infuriates me to no end. He doesn't acknowledge anything I say to him as more than a employee-boss relationship. Why doesn't he? Is he not gay? He has to be.

I hear my door and before I know it, Mason is in the middle of my office with a grin.

“He's something.” He says.

“Who's something?”


“What did you do?”

“Noothing….” He laughs and sits on the chair across my desk.

“Mason” I warn. He laughs at me.

“I swear I didn't touch your precious flower.” He laughs again.

“Then why did you say he's something?” I ask suspiciously.

“Because, I…”

“I, what, Mason?”

“I kind of asked him out and he flat out said no. Like, I thought you were kidding, but he said no.”

“Of course he did. You're ugly.” He bursts out in an laugh which angers me.

“Please, you know I'm hot. And I wasn't asking him out to actually go out, he's not my type. Hot, but not my type.” He shrugs like if it's nothing.

“Whatever, what do you want?”

“Oh, that.”


“Your mom called, again.” I groan.

“Just don't.” My mom is the definition of something. She still doesn't believe even after 5 years of knowing I'm gay, that I'm gay. She's persistent on getting me a girlfriend. Like, I don't want a girlfriend, I want Kade! He's the only guy I want. I've never actually been in a relationship with someone, so that's probably why she thinks I'm not gay, but I am. I've been with a handful of guys just for one-night stands but after that I never see them again.

“She told me to get you laid, to hook you up with one of Adriana’s friends or sisters. She said she wants grandkids, Ace!” He laughs. I throw a pen at him hitting him on his chest.

Mason, is a high school friend of mine. We met when we began high school and he was really the only guy that stuck around after high school. He has been in a relationship with Adriana for more than 10 years now since they started dating in Junior year. They've had their ups and down, but they've gotten through it. They have a 2-year-old daughter who's my goddaughter who I love and spoil. I told Mason I was gay when he asked me why I was looking for the guy, which was Kade, but I didn't know his name at the time. I told him I liked him and that I needed to know who he was. Mason kept my secret for 5 years before I came out to my family. He knows I've hooked up with guys and all but he knew my heart belonged to the one and only Kade.

When Mason found out Kade was the guy I have feelings for and the one guy that I was searching for he couldn't believe it. He teased me so much about it. He also met Kade about 2 weeks ago since he was so busy on the floor underneath and then he had to travel outside the country for business.

“Mom's crazy. I'm 28, almost 29, why would I want kids? I haven't even settled down with Kade, yet, to already plan out kids with him. She also doesn't want to understand that I'm gay. Like, what isn't there to understand? I like it in the ass! Well, I haven't had it in the ass, because I want Kade to do the honors, but still.”

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