~It's high noon~

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76 and Angela told you they were going out for a little while and that they would be back.

You sat in your room coloring a small picture of a girl that looked like you until you were picked up by McCree who held you on one arm smiling "Alright, I can see your not talking much so I'm going to fix that" you were slightly confused since you did talk you talked to Angela often and 76 was no different you didn't Understand.

He sat down on the couch with you in your usual comfy spot on the floor. "Alright Kiddo repeat after me: It's high noon." You knew all the words in the sentence you just sat there trying to think of how to say them "It's...H-High Noon." You said shakily he nodded approvingly "It's high noon."  You nodded "It's high noon!" he hugged you "Good job Kiddo I'm proud to finally hear you speak a little."

That night when Angela and 76 were putting you in bed you told them you learned a new sentence and they waited for you to continue "Its High noon!!" You said exactly the way McCree said it


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