Part 75*

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Sumo had her own suite which was right next to Preeti/Pushkar's room. Besides their room was Vandy/Varun's room. Following that were the rooms reserved for Raj, Dev, Erik, Ashton, and Aaron. After those rooms was Shanaya's room, which was right next door to Shravan's suite.

Everyone retreats to their rooms while Shravan and Sumo stop and stare at each other. Shravan comes up to Sumo and pulls her close.

Sumo: Sh-Shravan w-what are you doing? Someone will see us. (looking here and there)

Shravan: (holding her face) Then let them. Now tell me, do you like this?? (looking at the Palace)

Sumo: (smiling) It's beautiful Shravan! Like a fairy tail! Thank you for all of this! Seriously Shravan, I love it!

Shravan: Good! Now enjoy this moment and have fun. I'll be in my room, and you get some rest too. If you need anything, you know where I am and you know that you can come any time you want.

Sumo: (blushing) Hummm........

With that being said, Shravan and Sumo give each other one last look and headed to their suites.

Sumo enters her room and is in complete awe of the royal suite! It's simply beautiful. The walls of the room are a shade of brown, followed by thick purple curtains that shield a massive window, looking out to the Palace Garden. The bed is huge with a white comforter and red accent pillows. The whole theme of the room is royal and Sumo can't help but smile.

Sumo looks on the bed and finds a note which she opens up to read

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Sumo looks on the bed and finds a note which she opens up to read.

Hello my Jaan, my Baby, the love of my life,

Only a 3 more days left and no one will be able to separate us into different rooms. Enjoy you own room while it last because after three days, I am never leaving your side. Forever and always.

Your Chasmish.

Sumo blushes reading the note.

She goes into the bathroom which is bigger then the size of her room back home. All of her bags have been brought up and placed inside properly. The walking closet has all of her clothes set up so she can easily change for all of the events. Her jewelry has been safely placed in a cabinet and her other makeup and accessory are waiting for her on the dresser.

Sumo smiles looked at everything before jumping on the bed. She lays down with a smile on her face and admires the view from her room.

On the other side of the Palace, Shravan comes into his room and it is just as he had wished it to be. It was just like Sumo's room, except the color theme was blue instead of purple. He freshens up before laying down on his bed thinking about his Princess who is down the hall.

After resting for about 2 hours, Shravan gets a call from Ashton.

On the phone with Ashton.

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