The Love Song (2)

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This chapter is dedicated to leigh_ because I really enjoy reading her story and I think most of you will as well. Check out "Friendship for Dummies".

When it was quiet, Decklan turned back to the chalkboard. Before he could begin, Leo leaned over and whispered in his ear. “Oh, right, sorry dude. Go ahead,” Decklan urged him.

“Okay guys,” Leo said, walking over to the table where he and Decklan had made camp. “We should go over all the equipment needed to play before we start with the rules. First is the traditional orange bandana, which you can purchase from us. To mark that you are a human, you must wear it around your arm. To mark that you are a zombie, you must tie it around your head. Bandanas must be worn at all times, is that clear?”

There was a mumble of agreements from the crowd.

“Okay, next is the Nerf gun. The only way to stun a zombie from tagging you is by shooting it with a foam dart. You can get these from Toys ‘R’ Us, or someplace like that. Only one weapon per human and the guns must be registered with me before the start of the game.” Decklan picked up an example gun from the table and modeled it to the crowd, making a group of girls in the front giggle.

“Last is your identification token. They will be given out once you pay the ten dollar fee for playing. The fee goes to paying for the winner’s trip to the Wisconsin Dells. Humans must carry their token with them at all times. When you are tagged by a zombie, you have to hand them your token and then they can register you online as out of the game.” When Leo was finished explaining, he turned to Decklan and nodded his head.

“Sorry about that everyone. Now we can go over the rules.” He picked up a piece of chalk. “First and most importantly, humans cannot be tagged in the following places: at work, in church, at a health facility and of course our headquarters here at Everything Roni. Also remember the new rule that was started last year. Humans can’t be tagged while naked, or in their underwear. This is to prevent zombies from hiding in places where humans might be vulnerable, like the shower.”

There were a series of snickers from the crowd.

“Anyways, moving on now. All human players who make it to the second round of the game, which will start on the 25th, will be required to compete in multiple challenges set up by me, the head zombie. An example of what a challenge might be, is a scavenger hunt across the town. These tests are meant to reduce the remaining humans, so the game will be won before the end of the summer. Due to many complaints about the challenges being too hard last year, we have made a new rule. If tagged in a challenge, you have one way to save yourself.” Decklan paused for a dramatic effect. “Humans can go streaking in front of the zombie population to get back in the game. However, humans will only get one save. Once you’ve used it up, if you’re tagged, you’re out of the game for good. Sound fun?”

“Like, butt naked streaking?” a Decklan fan girl asked. She crossed her arms over her chest uncomfortably.

“Yes, completely nude. But it’s not something you are forced to do. It’s just an option.”

“Best rule ever,” said Luke, who was Decklan’s other best friend, as he wiggled his eyebrows up and down. “All you lucky ladies will get to see a bit of the Lukenator.”

Abby, who was slurping down her sugar concoction, snorted at Luke’s comment.

“Are there any questions?” Decklan asked, ignoring his friend.

I do!Why did Decklan have to volunteer to be the first zombie? I thought while looking him up and down. If he were playing, maybe I would have a chance to see him nak—

“Can we like, have people help us?” Mandy asked, interrupting my delicious thought.

Coughing to cover up my laugh, I rolled my eyes. Mandy also worked at Everything Roni, so I had first hand knowledge that she wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. She always needed help with simple things, like opening the register. There was no way she could win the game all on her own.

“Non-players may have no direct contact with the game. For example, they can’t act as shields or bring trapped humans food. Non-players can however give out advice and other things like that. Humans who fraternize with non-players in such a manner that breaks the rules will be disqualified from the game.”

Decklan looked around the room to find anyone who disagreed. It was silent until a chair screeched across the floor as someone stood up. “Back to the naked rule,” said CC. “So hypothetically, we could parade around in our bras and panties all summer and never be eliminated?”

My eyes narrowed at the sound of her snotty voice. It made me want to punch a crippled person, or something horrible like that, but all the guys thought it was so dreamy. Stupid accent.

CC fluttered her eyelashes in Decklan’s direction before pushing her shoulders back at little further.

“Hypothetically, yes,” Decklan said, crossing his arms, “but the point of the game is to play it. This brings me to the final rule. It’s called the douchebag clause. Basically, we are playing this game for fun. Don’t be a cheating asshole, ‘cause it’s not cool. If you’re tagged, accept it and have fun being a zombie.” His words seemed directed at his ex girlfriend and I smirked.

The power couple had broken up just after prom, when rumours started to spread that CC had hooked up with one of the English T.A’s. I was happy to see that Decklan wasn’t being enticed back into her evil arms. Thank you, sweet lollypops! I screamed in my head. Decklan totally gets a check mark in the chivalrous gentleman category on my ‘shopping for the perfect man’ grocery list.

“Mikey, I know he has the butt of an Abercrombie model, but you honestly need to stop staring. It’s not cool,” Abby scowled at me. There was a sudden snap of towel, followed by a sharp pain on my ass which had been dangling out behind the counter.

“Ouch!” I yelped, jumping up in surprise. My head connected with one of the decorative pots and pans that were hanging above, and it clattered to the ground as I tried to jump out of the way. Everyone looked up as it smashed against the linoleum.

The door to Mrs. Brody’s office flew open again and she poked her head out. “Now what’s happened?”

A few people laughed as I rubbed my head.

I could already feel my cheeks blushing pink. “Everything’s fine, Mrs. Brody,” I squeaked. She nodded her head and retreated back into ‘the cave’ as Abby and I liked to call it.

When everyone had turned back to Decklan, I whirled around to glare at Abby. “I was not staring at his butt,” I hissed.

She put a hand on her hip. “Tell the truth. I know when you’re running through that checklist in your head; you get this stupid look on your face. Besides, I know butts are your favorite requirement.”

“For your information, I was checking off requirement number ten: chivalrous gentleman,” I said, crossing my arms in defence.

“And?” She tried not to smirk.

I groaned. She always knew when I wasn’t telling the whole truth. I swear Abby was born with a lie detector built into her head. “I might have been looking at his butt, but that was like three minutes ago.”

The assistance-wanted bell dinged, and fingernails clicked across the counter top. Turning, my eyes landed on fake tan and way too much cleavage. I had hoped not to have an encounter with Bitchzilla today. No such luck. Please God, I silently prayed. I hope she didn’t hear our conversation.

“Well, wasn’t that just adorable? Can you say klutz, much?” CC asked, brushing her stick straight locks over her shoulder. I had always been jealous of how perfect her hair was. Mine always got frizzy in the heat.

“Can you say fake, much?” Emma retorted in what I assumed was supposed to be a British accent, finally looking away from her phone.

“I don’t remember ever saying anything to you Thing 1, do you Mikey?” CC droned, not bothering to glance at Emma.

“I don’t ever remember wanting to hear you say anything, either,” Abby snapped.

“Oh, how cute,” CC cooed in a mocking tone. “Thing 2 is sticking up for its dorky double. All we need is Dr. Seuss to come, and we can have a loser reunion!”

“What do you want, Cornella?” I asked, knowing that the use of her middle name repulsed her.

CC pursed her lips. “I don’t know why you insist on calling me a ridiculously ugly name that isn’t even mine,” she lied. “It’s CC. The double C stands for Collins, my last name. Not that God awful thing you said before.”

I rolled my eyes. Being the nerd that I am, I was an office helper all through high school. When the witch standing in front of me transferred from some uppity boarding school in England, I had been given the job of showing her around. She had handed me her schedule with her name at the top in big, bold letters: Claire Cornella Kollins. Kollins with a K.

“Can’t we just call her, Your Royal Skanky Majesty?” Emma whispered.

“Are you going to order something or not?” I asked, ignoring the previous two comments. “As much as I love your company, I’m supposed to be working.”

“Don’t flatter yourself. I would never come over here just to talk to you. I’ll have the meat lover’s mac with a substitution of tofu. And why don’t you just hold the noodles? I can’t be having carbs. I have to look fab in my bikini for when Decklan and I are vacationing at the waterpark capital of the world.”

“So let me get this straight. You just want a bowl of fake meat?” I asked in disbelief.

“You do know this is a fast food joint, right? Trying to eat healthy here is like going to a stripper for a hug,” Emma added.

“Like I said, when I win I’m going to look hot in my Bikini. You on the other hand...”

“Who says you’re going to win the game? What’s to stop me from entering and kicking your bony ass?” Abby asked.

“Because no one wants a nobody like you to win,” CC responded before turning to me. “None of you have proven yourselves worthy of spending a weekend with Decklan Brody. You’re not good enough.”

“That’s not true,” I told her. The sentence may have sounded courageous in my head, but the words slipped out like a whisper and I avoided eye contact. CC laughed, and it was just another aspect of her that I was jealous of. Somehow, even with all the evil inside her, it managed to sound like the ringing of bells. I just sounded like a drowning kitten.

“Of course it is, dear. Now generally, the stereotype for Americans is that they are loud, obnoxious and rude. Of course, some of you are,” she said, her eyes flickering over to the twins. “But you, Mikey, are a pathetic, insecure baby. It’s so easy to walk all over you, because you have no self-esteem at all.”

“Who the hell do you think you are? Talk about rude and obnoxious!” Emma shouted, jumping down from the counter to stand in front CC.

“Reality check: I’m someone who’s pretty enough to get away with it. Unlike you ugly pimples, being beautiful gives me the privilege of getting whatever I want. I mean really, do you even know how to use a brush, Mikey?”

I closed my eyes and tried not to let her words get to me. I’m beautiful, I chanted in my head.

“Maybe you should eat some makeup, so you can try to be pretty on the inside, bitch,” Abby offered.

I’m amazingly beautiful, no matter what anyone says.

“Oh, like I haven’t heard that one before,” CC spat. “Besides, that inner beauty crap has nothing to do with why people are going to let me win. So you might as well give up all your fantasy dreams about Decklan. He’s going to be my man again in no time.”

Was that really true? Would people help CC win just because she was pretty? Did that make her more deserving of Mr. Perfect than me?

I looked up and spotted Decklan across the room. As if he felt my gaze on him, his eyes moved up to meet mine. A perfect smile spread across his face.

I’m beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I told myself as I smiled back.

This time real courage surged through me. “Fine!” I said suddenly. “You’re so sure you’re going to win? I’m gonna prove you wrong! It’s on like Donkey Kong!”

Emma and Abby looked startled by my sudden outburst, but then smiled and high-fived each other. CC’s lips curled up into a wicked smile. “Whatever that means, it will be my pleasure to crush you.”

“Your total is $5.99,” I told her, smiling sweetly.

CC wrinkled her nose. “Never mind—you losers ruined my appetite.”

“Have a horrible day!” Emma called as CC spun on her heels and strut away.

“Enjoy yours,” she called back over her shoulder, “’cause it’ll be the last one for a long time.”

As I watched the meanest girl I had ever met walk out of Everything Roni, I promised myself one thing. I was going to win this damn game and prove Claire Cornella Kollins wrong. I was going to prove that I was good enough for Mr. Perfect. Watch out Decklan Brody; I’m coming for you.


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