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Sorry this is so fucking short and so fucking late but yall, i came home today and I took out my shit because I had to gather all my journals and stuff from all my classes cause school ends tomorrow. Anyways, I came across a folder from my 8th period and, during the beginning of the year and towards the middle of the year, the entire class had to write small handwritten notes to one another and I found my folder filled of the ones handed to me. Anyway, I read over all of them and I was bawling by the time I reached the last one. 

You can see it on my instagram story and I posted my favorite ones. You don't have to go look but since I'm always do shameless self promo's anyway, here my instagram ---> @/singatonix

Sorry for any mistakes, I'm writting all this while I'm still  crying and my hands are shaking.

Mitch hooked his arms over the crutches and let his hands wrap around the handles, staring at Kevin who stood up behind him. 

"Ready for breakfast?" Kevin asked and rested his hand on Mitch's lower back to rub the bruises he caused the night before. 

"Yea. I want to get a shower and be as fresh as possible before I have to go to my next hearing." 

Kevin nodded and he gestured towards the guard who was waiting for his signal to pull open the gate. He lead Mitch out of the cell and helped him to the cafeteria, sitting him down before disappearing towards the food line to fetch Mitch a plate of breakfast. 

Mitch watched him go before he set his crutches beside him and placed his hands in his lap, waiting patiently for Kirstie and Jeremy. Once a good few minutes passed, Mitch started to get worried but he calmed once Kevin sat down on his opposite side, setting a tray of food down in front of him with a fork. 

"Kirstie and Jeremy not here yet?" Kevin asked, stabbing a piece of egg and stuffing it inside his mouth. 

"No, I'm kinda worried though. Sometimes they're here before us but usually they come in like a minute right after us. Do you think they're still in their cell?" Mitch replied, eating slowly. 

"Probably, but I wouldn't worry about it. They'll be alright." 

Mitch moved to Kevin, his free hand interlocking with Kevin's. 


Mitch hobbled into the court room, situating himself in the seat beside his lawyer and set his crutches down on the table in front of him. 

"Mitchell Grassi, welcome back." Mitch looked up when the judge walked in a took his seat. 

"Hello, Your Honor." Mitch nodded his head before he stood up, the door to his right opening to allow Scott to be lead into the room. Once everyone was inside the courtroom and situated in a comfortable spot, the judge started talking. 

"We are here in this court once again to clear the lawsuit made by Mitchell Coby Michael Grassi's parents made against Scott Richard Hoying." 

Mitch's head snapped up when he heard lawsuit and he turned towards Kevin who had the same look on his face. He then turned back around towards his parents, both of them staring at Scott. "Your Honor? May I speak for a moment?" Mitch raised his hand, standing up from where he was sitting. 

"Make it quick." 

"I would like to know why there is a lawsuit." 

"Well for one, your parents have filled this lawsuit against Scott Hoying and I don't have the right to tell you, you must ask your parents, though, it should be obvious." 

"But, Your Honor, Scott didn't do anything wrong. He was just-" 

"Objection, Mitchell, please sit down." 

Mitch turned to see his father standing up from the seats and glaring at him. He took in a sharp breath before he sat back down, placing his hands on the table in front of him. 

"Now, we must make sure both the inmates know their place in this court, Scott Hoying, Mitchell Grassi, please rise. Raise your right hand and place your left on your heart. Now, repeat after me, 'I, please state your name, vow to say the truth, the whole truth and only the truth. Anything that is confirmed as a lie will be used against me in the court of law and I will suffer the pains and penalty of perjury." The judge stated as he placed his hand on top of a bible. 

Mitch raised his right hand and placed his left over his heart, Scott copying his actions as the two recited the speech at the same time. He took a glance towards Scott as they spoke, his eyes full of lies. He took in a deep breath and finished his saying, turning back towards the judge. 


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