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Ship: TimKon
Requested by MysteryManaged77
Details: Conner Hates Camping and him and tim are the same age. Also they know each others identity.

Italics: subconscious

Conner's POV

This is he worst day eber and thats going to be there worst Camping trip ever aswell. I mean who enjoys camping anyway.I'd rather b watching static at the mountain the anything else.

As usual I was left carrying the heavy stuff as non of us were legal age to drive even though Tim could drive.

But at least we got a lift from Nightwing as he had other things to do.I looked to my left to see Tim with an excited look on his face  lookin as cute as always wait what whilst carrying his old-fashioned backpack and along with Bart,Jaime,Garfield, Cass(Wondergirl), M'gann, Artemis and Batgirl walking on either side of me.

It was kinda suspicious as Wally and Nightwing (Birdflash) didn't  have a reason that they were not coming because Kaldur was in Atlantis so was La'gann
Bumblebee an Guardian were with family and Arsenal was being Arsenal.I have to ask them later.

When I finished thinking I noticed a hand wafting  infont of my face."Conner  are you there?Or is your head in the clouds"He giggled wait he frigging giggled aww so cute.

"Pardon?"I responded slightly confused. As to why he did that.

"Well were here"He announced whilst gesturing to an opening in the woods.

"Alrighty then, we need to split up into teams of four. One to get wood, One to pitch the tents in fact two groups to pitch tents an one to start the fire."

-Time Skip-

After we decided who was with who Tim an I ended up collecting wood alone in the woods and it was decide that the groups you are In is the person/s your sharing with. This is going to be a long weekend...

"Um.. So.. This is exciting don't you think?"Tim said trying to break the silence. I just nodded not trusting my mouth to be able to form words at the moment thank go it was dark.

We started  to collect wok when I heard Tim hiss in pain. I ran over cause I was concerned to see that he had go a splinter in his finger.

Tim's POV

He got hold of my hand and he gently removed the splinter from my hand but he didn't remove his hand from mine. Heat started to rise to my cheeks causing me to blush but it was unnoticeable  because it was getting dark. 

He didnt realise I until he went to pick up some wood."Im sorry."He quickly let go and went of to collect wood.So I headed back so I wouldn't be embarrassed again.

"Hey Tim, Wait wheres Kon?"Gar asked with a suspicious look on his face.

"He told me he could handle himself sonic came back?"I said with a slight uncertainty about it.

"Oh okay, Also when Kon gets back since we finished everything else were gonna play truth or dare"Gar responded oh hell no he better not be planning anything but he knows I like Kon.

3rd POV

Kon returned and sat down on a log next to Tim with the others around the fire.

"Okay let's get started with a game of Truth or Dare"Bart said with an excited look on his face.

"I'll start then"Cass said looking and Jaime."So Jaime.... Truth Or Dare?"

"Umm truth?"Jaime said really scared by Cass' smirk.

"Do you like anyone who's on this camping trip?"Cass said whilst putting her fingers together like it was a cliche villian in a movie she was portraying.

Jaime sighed and looked at Bart then his gazed redirected to the floor."Yes I do."

--Time skip--

It was finally Tim's turn as Gar was asking the question."Tim.Truth or Dare?"

As barely anyone said Dare Tim chose that option only to regret it adrer he saw the look on Gar's face."Dare."

"Okay.Perfect. Tim I dare you to kiss Kon on the lips"He said with an evil smile.

Tim's face wen beet red as he turned to face Kon. He can't believe that he was going to finally kiss his  crush.

He quickly Pecked he on he lips but Konner Kisses back in a split second Tim pulled away out of embarrassment

"Okay... That was awkward" Artemis said breaking the tension around the campfire
"Everyone  remember what goes around the campfire stays around the campfire."she finished not wanting to see an angry Nightwing on the scene.

"Anyway lets roast some marshmellows"Batgirl said whilst M'gann got them.

Silence fell around the campfire with only the occasional small talk going around until it was time for lights out.

They all walked back to their tents until Tim and Kon made It to the entrance of their tents both of them realized that they had to share one.

They both went inside and got ready etc etc.

Which was and is extremely awkward after the events of what happened.The tension in the tent could be cut with a knife it was that thick.Until..


"Yeah Kon?"

"Do you like me?"Kon askes hesitantly looking at Tim in the darkness

Tim sighed and paused waiting he reapond  inaudibly"yeah I do"

Kon sighed and lightly chuckled that Tim forgot that he had superhearing.
"You didnt by any chance forget that I have superhearing right?"

Tim was screwed.

"Oh and I like you to."Kon said before drifting off to sleep.

The end.


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