Song- Imagine7: We Got Us. (Daniel Skye)

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Justin Bieber: 'If the sky falls. If the world ends. If the sun sets. And the rivers turn red.'

You Justin Jazzy and Jaxon were walking around town when Jazzy saw a guy who looked sick. (Jazzy and Jaxon are teens). "Um sir are you ok?" She asked. You Justin and Jaxon stopped talking to look at Jazzy interact with the sick man. "You need to find somewhere safe to stay." The man said to Jazzy. Then Justin came over and talked to the man. "Um sir why do we need to find somewhere safe?" He asked the man. "Because-" the man got cut off when he saw people screaming. "Sir why are these people screaming?" Jaxon asked. "Because young man please come closer." The man told Jaxon. Jazzy and Jaxon came to the man. You and Justin looked at each other with confused looks on your faces. "You see those people?" The man asked Jaxon . "Yes sir I do." Jaxon told the man. "Do you see the people behind them?" The man asked Jazzy. "Yes sir I do." Jazzy told the man. "These people are called walkers." You Justin Jaxon  and Jazzy looked at each other with wide eyes. "Thanks for your help sir. Sorry to disturb your day." You told the man. "Your welcome. Happy I could help." The man told you. Then the man walked away towards a store. You stood there watching him until he got into the store before getting scared. You started to hyperventilate. And get really scared that you started crying. Jaxon saw this. "Y/N are you ok?" Jaxon asked. When you didn't say a word he went and tapped his sister Jazzy's shoulder. "Y/N come on talk to us what is it?" She asked you. When she couldn't get a reply from you Jazzy got the attention of her older brother Justin by yelling at him with concern. "Justin something's wrong with Y/N. she won't talk to us." She told her older brother. Justin saw this and went over to Jazzy and Jaxon. "Y/N talk to me what's wrong?" He asked you. "I'm scared Justin." You finally let out. "Come on. We'll find somewhere safe." Justin told you Jaxon and Jazzy. Then you came up with an idea. "Hey guys I have an idea." You told them. They looked at you waiting for you to say your idea. "Justin you you have a zombie house right?" You asked him. "Yep." He said. "It's got lots of food and weapons right?" You asked him. "Yep." He said. "Well how about we hide there until this is over?" You asked them. "Yeah come on lets go." Jazzy and Jaxon said at the same time while dragging you and Justin. You guys made it to Justin's weapon house. (It has a river beside the house). You guys were watching Jazzy and Jaxon when they yelled. You didn't need to Ask what they were yelling about. The sun was setting and you saw blood in the river. You knew that this could take a while. For the world to come back together.

Ryan Butler: ' If we get lost. In the twilight. Somewhere I know. We'll be alright.'

You and Ryan were at his parents house. And you were in his room talking when you heard yelling come from downstairs. You were gonna open the door when you felt a hand on your wrist. "Y/N don't open the door." Ryan told you. "Why?" You asked him. You just wanted wanted to check on his parents. "You really wanna know why I told you not to open the door. Y/N?" He asked you. "Yes I do. I really wanna know." You told him. "My parents have been fighting. But they've only been fighting when we're not there to see it. They don't like to fight in front of us. That's why I told you not to open the door." You realised what's going on. Your parents did the same thing. His parents are fighting to the point where divorce is needed. (You and Ryan are 18). You and Ryan couldn't take it anymore. (The yelling and the arguing). Ryan went to open the door when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around only to find you standing behind him. "Y/N I need to tell my parents to stop." Ryan told you. "Please Don't leave me Ryan. I can't stay up here knowing you are yelling at them to stop." You told him pleadingly. Ryan looked at you and saw you were scared. Ryan went over to you. "Y/N." Ryan took your hand. You looked up at him. He took your hand while you were looking at him. "Y/N I promise not to yell. Just please for me stay up here. And when I come back we're taking our stuff and we're leaving. Ok?" While he was talking to you Ryan had put his forehead on yours and he had his hands on your face. You looked at Ryan and nodded your head. "Ok for you Ryan." Ryan smiled at you. Then he leaned down and kissed you. When he pulled away he kissed your forehead and went downstairs. You saw the door open and Ryan had all of his stuff and your stuff in his hands. "Ryan what's happening?" You asked him. "Y/N my mom and dad told me that I need to take you somewhere. I asked about staying with Justin and they said that was fine. They just don't want us here while they're fighting." *At Justin's House* "Ryan?" You asked him. "Yeah?" He asked you. "Are your parents gonna quit fighting?" You asked him. "I think so. But we're staying here for a few days. And everything will be alright."

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