{Scarlett's POV} -Play the house that built me, miranda lambert-

My hands shook nervously as we drove down to the sectors. My mind was everywhere. I didn't know what to believe, to think... to assume

I felt Christian rest his hand on my thigh and I looked over with teary eyes. He drove silently giving me some time to think. 

"We can do this." He said and I closed my eyes feeling a tear drip down my cheek. I don't know if he was trying to convince me or himself. 

I just nodded looking up seeing the gates just now coming into eyesight. Guards followed behind us in many cars. Ambulances were pouring from the gates one after another. I had to cover my mouth to hold in a sob. 

As we entered the sectors, my heart broke seeing families crying, bodies scattered. I watched as a little girl—no older than four—wept as the ambulance paramedics tried to clean her up. 

We turned onto a familiar road, eyes were on the cars the trailed down the road. Once we parked, my heart stopped. Our windows to our house were shattered, glass laid on the ground. The door looked like it was kicked in. The fence around our house had also been tore down. 

Once we stepped out of the car Christian was by my side in no time. People cried out to their King as we walked towards the house. They needed comfort, something. I had to block out the horrid screams and cries. 

The glass crunched beneath our feet as we made our way inside. 

"Madre?" I called out with a shaky voice. 


"Papa?" Again nothing. 

We walked to the living room and I quickly turned into Christian's chest as sobs escaped. His hand was placed on the back of my head and the other around my waist holding me close to him.

Blood was everywhere. Against the walls, on the floor, and even on the ceiling. 

This wasn't the home I knew. 

"Has any of the queen's family been seen?" Christian asked someone behind us as he held me. 

"No sir, but some royal guards are missing. We saw them guarding the house last, we think they may have got the queen's family out and to safety." My heart leaped with joy hearing that news. 

"Get our best trackers on it, now." I looked up at Christian who cupped my face gently. 

"We're going to find them, even if I have to go look for them myself." I nodded numbly, this didn't seem real. 

"Okay." I mumbled. 

We started to walk out onto the porch and seen many people from all sectors gathered around hesitantly, wanting to hear something from their king.

Christian looked around thinking about what he was going to say. "The hunters have crossed a line. They not only hurt my mate, but they hurt my people, an important part of me. If I have to enter the war myself to end it, I promise to you all, I will get revenge. Nothing can make up for the loss of your loved ones, but closure can be a start. I promise you all, I will end this. I will personally see to it you all have a safe place until the war is over. That is why I have contacted all alphas whose packs are waiting with open arms. All sectors will be dispersed into different packs for the time being." Gasp were heard from every directions and seconds later, cheers of happiness. 

"May the Goddess be with you all." He completed and we headed back towards the cars with our heads held high. 

We had to be strong.


I stared at the field as the flowers moved gently in the breeze. The scent crept through my nose relaxing me. I've been here for hours, just thinking. I waited for a sign, for a message, for absolutely anything, but nothing came. 

The sound of someone approaching caught my attention and I turned to see someone I could really talk to right now. 

"Oh, girly." She said sitting next to me, pulling me to her. 

"I came right as I heard," Octavia said softly and I tried to hold back the tears. 

"I'm so sick of crying," I mumbled. 

"Sometimes it's best to get it all out. It deadens you if you don't." 

I knew she was right, but I didn't want to be seen as weak. I have people watching my every move. 

"I have to act like a queen, and queens don't cry. Some people lost much more than I did tonight, I don't even know if my families dead." I said as she played with my hair. 

"What you told me about your mother, I'm sure those hunters ran the opposite direction as they seen that flip-flop come off. I'm sure she's fine." I couldn't help but let out a small laugh. 

"One can only hope," I spoke wiping my tears. "Never mind me, how are you?" I asked sitting up and she sighed laying down looking up at the sky and I did the same. 

"Well, Mason is still getting used to the whole mate thing. We fight like cats and dogs. One minute everything is great and the next minute we're at each other's throats."

"I'm sure that's not true," I said and she shrugged. 

"Well, one can only hope it gets better. He does have a nice sister though, I have yet to have a proper conversation, but I'm hoping soon enough we will. I need some girlfriends around there. She seems cool enough." She laughed and I smiled thinking about Christian's sister Cora, I missed that crazy girl. 

"How come alpha's sisters are cool?" She let out a laugh. 

"They could learn something from them." I let out a laugh nodding. 

"Oh yeah." 

"Scarlett!" I heard and sat up quickly seeing Christian running towards me. 

I stood to my feet as he reached me. 

"What's wrong?" I asked and he gave me a smile. 

"They found them. They're alright." A smile burst across my face as I jumped up hugging Christian wrapping my legs around his waist and arms around his neck. 

He chuckled hugging me tightly. 

"I told you, you don't mess with a Hispanic woman and her flip-flops," Octavia said and both me and Christian laughed. 

"Lets go!"


Wow, I didn't want the cliche 'omg my parents are dead' girl who goes numb for tons of chapters, I just don't like that. 

What did you think about this chapter? I want to know what y'all want to see happen next, or what you think will happen? 




Have a good night. 


sorry for any grammatical errors, I'm sick and don't feel like re-reading tonight hehe. 

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