Chapter 57

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Alicia Clark.

I follow Carol into her house. She takes a seat at the table and sits her gun on her lap.

I take the seat across from her.

Carol has short dirty blonde hair and intense blue eyes.

She gives off a vibe that should scare me but I find it familiar kind of the way Elyza was (when I first met her). I decided right then that I was gonna like Carol.

She just stares at me, possibly because I'm staring at her?

"It's not polite to stare." She says.

"Sorry." I say with a bit of a laugh.

I stare around the room trying to avoid looking at her so she doesn't comment on my acts of being un-polite.

"Why are you roaming out so far away from "The Kingdom"?" She asks.

I bring my eyes back to her.

"Why are you living so far away from "The Kingdom" ?" I ask.

She sighs a little. "That's gonna be a long story."

"I've got time."

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