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° This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to any person dead or living is purely coincidental.

This book doesn't explain the year nor the region, because it is purely out of imagination and fictional with no similarity to the real world of this century or any other that has been passed.

No bad comments will be tolerated and will be deleted immediately. If you don't like the book, then you are free to go, but please don't spread hate.

Constructive criticism is always allowed and no offence will be taken by me if it is really for the good of book.

Every person is good and we should show it, so it would be good if bad language and hate comments are avoided.

The copying of this book or any part of this book is strictly prohibited and strict reaction would be taken against the culprit.

Every book has flaws and this book has them too, don't expect the protagonists to be in love in a matter of days. I am trying to make this book as realistic as possible so what you won't find is love at first sight.

Hope you all didn't took any offence to any of my words above and without further duo you can continue with the book and I also hope that you like this book and enjoy reading as much as I love writing it

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