All I Want

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She wasn't sure what to do now. After all the things Heather had seen and all the things she had done, nothing seemed fitting enough for her current situation.

She walked away from the grounds, the bleachers where Lily and her posse had had their fun, and made her way to the deserted school halls.

At first she walked aimlessly along the corridor, perhaps hoping to meet someone who missed the entire fiasco, but given the size of the audience, Heather knew the odds were against her. Then, without prior warning from the angel or devil inside her, she dropped to the floor, back to the lockers, and began crying.

It had been a while since Heather had a long hard cry, and strangely enough, this relieved her... She could feel the sadness or disparity or whatever it was lift from her and disappear somewhere into the upper floor.

"Heather," a familiar voice came from somewhere ahead of her. She looked up to see Dan, the very handsome and very charming cause of all this...

"Ugh," she sneered up at him, "what the hell are you doing here?"

The expression on Dan's face said it all, but Heather hardly noticed. Her eyes were too flooded to see clearly. He came down to her level and leaning on the lockers like she was, Dan said, "What's going on, Heather?"

Only now did Heather realize that Dan, regardless of all this being his fault, was still very much in the dark. She apologized, rested her head on his shoulder and said it was nothing. But Dan wasn't about to let this go just like that. He looked her in the eye and repeated the question, and Heather, remembering that she wanted someone who didn't know what was going on, reluctantly obliged. "Where should i begin?" she asked.

"The beginning would be nice," Dan replied, trying and failing horribly to lighten the mood.

Heather glanced at him once, cleared her throat and began explaining...


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