Chapter One: PAST♛

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“Past is the place of reference, not of residence”

“Daddy Prince, the weather is so nice for today’s yearly ritual. Let’s have a picnic after okay?” Pagyaya ni Chantel sabay talon sa kama ko. Effective talaga 'tong anak kong alarm clock.

 [PriHun'sNote: Chantel read as Shantel]

I’m Prince, 23 and I’m a father, single-father to be exact. Well, I had my daughter six years ago.

Just the same year when I had the accident, a car accident.

“Sure baby. Go fix your things and I’ll prepare first our food, okay?” Sabi ko while touching her face. Saka siya bumaba sa kama ko “Okay daddy”


When we reached the riverside, hinanda ko na agad ung mat pati ang basket. I was just looking how Chantel enjoyed the place. She was running through the green grasses with a lovely smile. I love my child.

I treat her like my own.

I turn my attention to the flowing river nang maalala ko ang nangyari sa akin last year. Isang  taon na rin pala ang nagdaan magmula nun. A yead had passed when I met that woman who changed my life one morning. I feel the heaviness of my eyes so I close it. A picture of her fills the darkness I see.

Her good mornings,

Her home-like dishes,

Our breakfast,

Our playtime,

Her cuteness,

Her swet smile

Her moodiness

Our dates

When she's ignored

When she cries

I remember everything

When she makes me laugh

When she's serious

When she's laughing

When we argue

When she's mad

When she's naughty

I haven't forgotten

Then, I reminisce again...

Those Days in Venice..


A year ago…

“To all passengers, we have successfully landed to….”

I checked the time. It’s 6:30pm na pala. Grabe ang biyahe. Nakakapagod. Buti na lang na-aliw ako sa movie sa plane. After I took my baggage, I can feel the breeze of the place.

 “Welcome me back, Venice” 

Pumara na ako ng taxi pagkalabas ko ng airport. “The Villa please” Sabi ko sa taxi driver.

Nang makarating ako sa lugar, I unpacked my things and started exploring the place. Napakaganda ng lugar. I went here for a vacation. Mga one month rin ata ako dito. This villa was owned by my Mom's friend na kilala ko rin kaya feel at home ako rito. Kumbaga, VIP ako dito.

I was also advised by my doctor to have some rest kasi nga nagkakaroon pa rin ako ng severe migraines since that accident. I also chose this country to be my subject sa portfolio ko. Besides, maganda na rin ito for some relaxation.

Iyon nga lang, hindi ko pwede isama si Chantel. Sean told me not to do so. It’s not good to have a long trip for a five-year old child daw. If I know, gusto niya lang masolo anak ko. Paano ba naman kasi, gigil na gigil din siya dito. Balak pa nga agawin sa akin eh.

I took some pictures of the place. Night lights were pleasing to the eyes. Of course, sexy ladies were amazing. Hahaha! I’m still a boy. While enjoying the beautiful scenery, biglang..


Lakas talaga radar ng anak ko. Hahahaha!

“Yes baby?”

“Daddy, what are you doing? Don’t forget that I’m your only girl ok?”

“Hahaha. Of course baby. Ikaw talaga. Kumain ka na?”

“Yes dad. I’m playing with Uncle Sean. I missed you that’s why I called you.”

“Just call me anytime sweety, okay. Be a good girl to your uncle. I need to hang up na. I’ll call you tomorrow okay?”

“Love you dad”

“Love you more baby”

It’s 10pm na and I’m on my way back to the villa. I got tired. After shower, humiga na agad ako at natulog. 

I guess I have to leave a note every chapter. I'm new to watty so I don't have any idea on how to upload my story. #DoraMode. To my #NewFriend, I really thank you for cheering me. This is for you Sweety:)




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