Chapter 5

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Colby's P.O.V

As I woke up I noticed it was 3:30 in the morning.

"As much as I would love to go back to sleep, I know I'm not going to be able to." I mumbled to myself.

I climbed down the ladder and walked out of my room. As I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen I made sure not to wake anyone up.

Trust  me, I've done it plenty of times  before at our old house.

I grabbed me a cup an poured myself some water. I sat down at the kitchen island and started drinking the water at the same time someone started to come down the stairs.

As they rounded the corner, I noticed it was Samuel. He had on gym shorts and no shirt.

What is up with guys and not wearing shirts to bed? But who said I was complaining.

"What are you doing up?" He asked coming towards the kitchen.

"I could say the same to you." I said before sipping the rest of my water.

"Self inflicted insomnia. What about you?" He explained.

"Nightmares from my past."

He nodded as if understanding.

"I was about to watch some TV, if you want to you can join me." I said hopping down from the island, and into the living room.

I turned on the TV and saw that one of my favorite shows was on. Catfish: The TV Show.

He eventually joined me and passed a bag of sour cream and onion chips to me as he sat down.


He nodded in return.

We stayed silent the rest of the night, and eventually went to sleep.

Samuel's P.O.V

Colby eventually fell asleep, unintentionally falling asleep on my shoulder. I didn't want to wake her up so I put a blanket over the both of us and fell asleep.


I woke up to a flash in my face.

As I opened my eyes I saw Mary taking a picture of the both of us sleeping. She grinned sheepishly as I raised an eyebrow at her.

"Sorry it was just that you guys were so cute and looked like actual brothers and sisters, so I had to get a picture."

"It's fine. Where's dad?" I asked as I noticed he wasn't in the kitchen.

"In the kitchen!" He yelled in response.

As I was about to get up I realized Colby was still sleeping against my shoulder.

I must of laid my head against hers when I fell asleep.

I got up slowly, making sure not to wake her up, and laid her head against the couch.

I walked towards the kitchen and sat at the kitchen island and watched as dad made breakfast.

"Pancakes will be up in a few minutes. There's already bacon and sausage ready though." Dad said.

"Okay I'll go wake up the guys and S.J."

As I headed up the stairs, S.J was already headed down.

"Morning Sammy." She said as she continued her way to the kitchen.

It caught me a little off guard.

"Morning S.J. There's some breakfast downstairs if you want some."

"Oh I know. I could smell it from my room."

I chuckled a bit before heading to Micah's room.  

I didn't knock as I walked into his room, which is something we never do. The first thing I noticed was the big lump of cover on the bed.

I shook him a few times, before grabbing a pillow and slamming it on his back.

Unlike all of my brothers, besides Riley, I'm not a heavy or deep sleeper.

"What?" He asked groggily, pulling the cover off of himself and sitting up.

"Get up. Dads making breakfast."

"Where's the rest of us?"

For some reason we always refer to the five us as' us' instead of our actual names.  

"Their still sleeping, so your going to help me wake them up so we can go eat breakfast."

"Fine. But only because Dad would say something about we are a family, and blah blah blah."

After he got out of the bed, we went to Riley and Liam's room to wake them up, which was fairly easy.

The last person to wake up was Luca. Not only was he hard to wake up, but he's always  in these weird sleeping positions that make you question why his back isn't broken. It made him seem like he was a contortionist.

"Liam you wake him up." Riley whispered.

"What? Why me?" He whisper-yelled.

"You guys look the same. I feel like it's only fair."

He muttered a few words, that I shall not repeat, before twisting his body in the right direction and putting him over his shoulder.

This was totally normal.

We walked down the stairs to see S.J, and Colby already eating. 

I walked towards the bacon that was already cooked and placed three pieces on a plate.

I walked towards my youngest brother and waved it under his face.

One, tw-

"Bacon!" He said jolting up.

"New record." Riley said making us laugh.

 Liam got him off of his shoulder and placed him carefully on the ground.

With that said all of us picked up a plate and started eating.

**later on in the day**

I walked in the gym downstairs, not expecting to see S.J and Colby fighting each other.

I put my water and phone down before quickly breaking up the fight.

"What is wrong with you two?! Why are you fighting each other?!"

"We weren't fighting. Before dad passed away he taught us both self defense. Just incase something ever happened to us, or mom." Colby explained.

"That would make a lot of since, because I thought you guys were beating the crap out of each other."

It was as if I had flipped a switch on because they got quiet all of a sudden looking at each other with a glint in their eyes.

As if on cue they both started going back at with each other, with Colby taking her little sister down.

I walked back over to my water and phone and pretended like nothing happened.


Author's Note

You guys just don't know how sorry I feel for not updating sooner.

I'm doing my best with balancing this book along with the others but at least I'm trying.

I hope you guys can forgive me.

- Autumn

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