Black hat x Reader x Dr Flug (LEMON)

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Why am I doing this
After this is Demencia x Reader ;P

"Gosh, I'm so tired cleaning these furnitures, the bathroom, washing the clothes...ugh! I need a break. Cmon 5.0.5." You stood up, picking up your dust cleaner and dust your butler clothes.

(This reader likes wearing butler outfits then dresses >:3c)

The reason why you're wearing butler clothes, is because 5.0.5 is already wearing a maids outfit. So you decide to do the opposite and wear what you're wearing right now. You and 5.0.5 find it cute and matching.

5.0.5 comes and carries the other cleaning products. "Thanks for helping me, 5.0.5." He smiles and you smiled back "Let's go ask Black hat if we can have a small break." 5.0.5 nods and he follows you to Black hats office.

Once you guys got there, you knocked on his door "Hey, sir? Black hat? May we come in?" A few seconds of dead silence and then a reply "Yes. Come in." You glance at 5.0.5 and the bear nods.

Then you took a deep breath and turn the door knob. When you open the door up, you and 5.0.5 see Black hat sitting behind his desk as usual. You walk up to him slowly, feeling like you're sinking into hell.

Black hat looks up at you and he smiles "How may I help you today, y/n?" You look down at the floor a little, and fiddle with the dust cleaner "Um...5.0.5 and I were wondering...if we can have a break?"

Black hat stares at you for a minute. He taps on the desk a little and replies "Sure. Go ahead. I don't mind." Your eyes widen "Wow! A-are you sure?" Black hat nods and you grin happily "T-thank you! Cmon 5.0.5, let's go!"

The blue bear happily growls and you both exit out of his office room "Let's go to the lab to visit Dr Flug and Demencia there." You suggested. 5.0.5 nods and you both walked over there.

Once you both got there, you saw Dr Flug creating a new machine. Demencia was just messing around with the projects that Dr Flug recently made. Like the anti gravity device. Or the shrink ray.

You smiled and said "Hey Demencia and Dr Flug!" Dr Flug and Demencia turns around they greeted you back "Hey y/n and 5.0.5!" Dr Flug says. Demencia waves "Heyo!" You walk over to Dr Flug and watch him create his newest masterpiece.

5.0.5 just went over to the chalk board and started to draw something on it. Demencia came crawling to him and start to scratch the board again. She giggles and 5.0.5 starts to growl at her.

"Hey Dr Flug." You start "What are you working on?" Dr Flug looks at you "It's a surprise. You'll see soon. Are you taking a break? Did you ask Black hat?" You nodded "Yes! I did. And this time he said yes! Finally I can rest."

You grab a nearby chair and drag it over to the metal table where Dr Flug is working on. You sat on it and continue watching him. After a few minutes of clicking and scrapping noises from Dr Flug working on the project, you sighed.

"I'm booooreddd. There's actually nothing to do in this boring place." Dr Flug scratches the back of his neck "Well y/n, I don't know what to say about that. Go draw with 5.0.5 or something." "But I draw horribly..."

Dr Flug chuckles "You don't have to have talent to draw in the bored. And I don't think you draw horribly. I've seen some of your doodles. They're cute." You blush a little "aw, thanks."

Dr flug looks at you and he smiles under the paper bag. "Heh, you're welcome." You smile back and look at the scattered papers that are on the table. Then an idea popped in your head and you grab one of the papers.

Dr Flug looks at you curiously, wondering what you're going to do with it. You started to fold it into something people would always do for fun. Especially for Dr Flug, he's obsessed with it.

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