Baking Sweets - Demencia x Reader

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"I'm bored." You commented "ah same..." Demencia replies.

Today was the day where nothing is fun at the moment. You and Demencia always have to stay inside. It's not fair for the both of you. But for Dr Flug and Black hat, they work. 5.0.5 works a little bit also.

But he mostly doodles on the board and sleeps. He doesn't seem interested to play with you both sometimes. 5.0.5 probably wants to impress Black hat by working, since he doesn't except the cuddly creature and wanted him to be a deadly one.

Right now, you were just laying on the couch, while Demencia is upside down on a chair.

She groans "I'm also hungry. Hm...want to bake something?" You look at her "Sure. I haven't ate anything today anyways..." "Great! Let's go." She jumps off the chair and goes to the kitchen. You followed her.

Once you both got there, Demencia already sets up the ingredients. You get the cook book and Demencia stops you "ah ah, we got this. We don't need any cook book." You raised a brow "But, let's just keep it just in case--"

"THERE IS NO 'JUST IN CASE'! I already know what to do!" Demencia snatches the book from you and puts it back "Well, okay then. If you're so professional, go ahead." Demencia looks at you and smirks.

She cracks her knuckles "Gladly!" You get all the bowls, pans, and such. She opens up the ingredients and starts to put random things in the bowl. You frowned "Demencia, what the fuck are you doing?"

She looks at you "Putting every ingredient here! I told you, I know what I'm doing." You shake your head "Yeah sure." Demencia gets out a whisking spoon and rapidly mixes the items together. It made some icky spills on the side.

You stopped Demencia "That's not how you properly stir. Let me do it."' Demencia groans "Fine! Here." She hands the bowl and whisking spoon. You started the properly stir all of it together in a steady and normal pace.

"I can't believe you didn't put any teaspoons or some measurements. But okay then." Once you were done mixing, you told Demencia to get a cookie pan. She does so and sets it on the kitchen counter.

You thanked her and you put the same amount and size of cookies. Demencia watches you and smiles "This is going to be yummy!" You nodded "I guess. I mean like, you put random things here so..."

"Whatever!" She replies. You sighed and finish every bit from the bowl. You set the bowl aside and put the tray in the oven.



"Oh my god! It's ready!" Demencia squealed. She runs over to the kitchen and opens the oven. You walked in last and get out the gloves. Demencia looks at the cookies and made a disgusted face "Um...y/n? Something happened with the cookies."

You took them out and close the oven. You set it on the table and the cookies had a weird looking color "Demencia. I told you not to put those random items in that bowl..." Demencia looks at you and back at the cookies.

She takes a cookie and blows the steam away to cool it down. Demencia takes a bite out of it and she says "Mmmmm!! This is good!" You raised a brow and took one out from the tray. You take a bite out of it and immediately spit it out when it hit your taste buds.

"Ew! This terrible! How can you like it?" Demencia looks at you "What? In my opinion it's good!" She takes another bite and takes the tray "Let's share some with the others to see if they like it!"

You threw the cookie away and followed Demencia so she can pass the cookies out. She first gives one to Dr Flug in the lab "Thanks Demencia...why does it have a weird color?" Demencia giggles "Just try it!" Dr Flug shrugs and takes a bite out of it.

Dr flug gags at the taste and puts the cookie back " tastes...great! Share it with Black hat or something." Demencia smirks at you "Told you one of them will like it!" You rolled your eyes

"It's obvious he didn't liked it because he gaged it out. And he lied to you." Demencia growls "W-whatever! Maybe Black hat senpai will like it!" Demencia and you went to Black hats office and knock on the door.

"Bllaaaaaaaack haaaaaattt!! May we come in?" Demencia says "Come in." You opened the door and see Black hat doing some paperwork. Demencia shows him the tray full of cookies and smiled

"Take one!" Black hat looks at it suspiciously and says "It has a weird color." Demencia giggles "But it tastes good when I tried it!" Black hat rolls his eyes and takes one. He takes a small bite.

He spits it out and throws the cookie away "This is such a disgrace! I don't like it!" Demencia whimpers and you glared at Black hat. Black hat says, "Go find someone else to eat those horrible cookies. I'm busy anyways." Demencia and you nodded.

You both exit out the office. 5.0.5 was Demencia's only hope to actually find someone else who likes the cookies. You both tried to find 5.0.5 around the mansion and finally saw him on a matt sleeping as usually.

Demencia taps on 5.0.5's fur and 5.0.5 growls a little. He looks up at both of you and Demencia held out the tray "Want one 5.0.5?" 5.0.5 does a happy growl and takes a cookie.

He takes a bite and 5.0.5 made a disgusted face. 5.0.5 shakes his head and puts the cookie back. He lays back down to go back to sleep and Demencia was starting to cry.

"Why does nobody like it?! I like it! I tried so hard on this!" You sighed and rubbed Demencias back "If you want, I can teach you how to properly make cookies and maybe one day you'll make some for your own and share it with the others."

Demencia wipes her tears and looks at you "R-really? You will do that for me?" You smiled "Of course! C'mon, let's remake this cookies and I'll show you." Demencia nods in agreement and you both remake the cookies.

This time it tasted delicious and Demencia shared it to the others again. Demencia thanked you and smiled "I couldn't have done it without you." You hugged Demencia and she hugs back

"You're welcome."

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