Out Tonight

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See the video to see how Juvia acts. Only if you are comfortable with stripping dancing.
*scene is changed the the Fairy Tail Club* (aka strip club)
*play song*

Juvia: What's the time?
Well it's gotta be close to midnight
My body's talking to me
It says, Time for danger
It says, I wanna commit a crime
Wanna be the cause of a fight
I wanna put on a tight skirt
And flirt with a stranger
I've had a knack from way back
At breaking the rules once I learn the games
Get up! Life's too quick, I know someplace sick
Where this chick'll dance in the flames

We don't need any money
I always get in for free
You can get in too
If you get in with me
Let's go out tonight
I have to go out tonight
You wanna play? Let's run away
We won't be back before it's New Year's Day
Take me out tonight, meow

*leaves Club to go home*

When I get a wink from the doorman
Do you know how lucky you'll be?
That you're on line with the feline
Of Avenue B
Let's go out tonight
I have to go out tonight
You wanna prowl, be my night owl?
Well take my hand we're gonna howl
Out tonight

*gets in apartment*

In the evening I've got to roam
Can't sleep in the city of neon and chrome
Feels too damn much like home
When the Spanish babies cry

*hoes on her balcony*

So let's find a bar
So dark we forget who we are
Where all the scars
From the nevers and maybes die
Let's go out tonight
I have to go out tonight
You're sweet, wanna hit the street?

*goes up the ladder to Gray's house*

Wanna wail at the moon like a cat in heat?
Just take me out tonight
Please take me out tonight

*walks towards Gray*

Don't forsake me, out tonight
I'll let you make me out tonight
Tonight, tonight, tonight

*kisses Gray*

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