Chapter Six: A Stylish Touch

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I sighed as I finished cleaning up the dorm I shared with Libra. Libra was too busy at the Student Council so I had the dorm all to myself today... And I used that time to clean it.

Knock... Knock knock... Knock knock knock knock!

I opened the door and saw Leo, he looked kinda... Weary?

"Virgo, Aries is gathering up some of our classmates at the gym, would you be there in... Five minutes?" Leo asked, checking his watch for a second. His shiny, golden watch that looks so expensive, I want it.

"What are you doing?" I asked, wondering why he's gathering up our classmates.

"I'm just gathering up some people, Aries just wants to announce something," Leo answered. I nodded and he left, so I headed straight to the gym.

Why is he gathering people up? What's the announcement?

Hmm, might as well style things up on the way. I took my plain hairclip and clasped my hands together with it inside, forming something new.
I smiled when I revealed the flower-shaped hairclip on my hand, putting it on.
I added some stylish touch on my accessories and my uniform.

Wait... Why am I styling things up again? It's just a meeting...
Well, because I'm being who I want to be.

I opened the gym's double doors and saw some people. There was Aries who was sitting on one of the bleachers, looking at his laptop. Taurus was already there with Pisces beside him. Gemini was here, don't think any of her girls were with her though. I smiled when Libra waved over to me, I smiled and walked over to her. So nice that she left the Student Council to meet here, huh?
Scorpio was here too...

"Maybe I should go help out?" Libra said, sighing.
"Wait... What?"
"I'm gonna go help gather everyone else," Libra said.

"Why though?" I called after her as she went down to talk to Aries. Aries nodded and told her something else, then she left.


(Quick Note: Virgo may have a short chapter that introduces her but she shares an important part in Elliptica. Not to disappoint anyone.)

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