Chapter 29

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Waking up was never an easy thing for me to do. I usually needed to drink a couple coffees, maybe a monster or two, before I was fully awake. And the process of getting those things was never easy. I had to be pulled from the bed, or literally forced to get up, usually from the Alpha, before I put feet on the ground and stood up from my delicate, soft, warm bed. And I could not be woken up. It never did me well. In fact, I held a grudge about it for a very long time. See, I enjoy sleep, so if someone woke me up, all hell would break loose.

Yeah, this particular morning, I was woken up.

"What. The. Hell?!" I screamed after the entire bucket of water had been dumped over my entire body. My skin and muscles were frozen from the not so warm water.

The culprit knew I would be angry, but she did it anyway. Oh hell no!

The culprit was running.

I chased Sarah through the entire main pack house, accidentally waking people up in the process. I mean, hey, I didn't mean to bump into a number of things and break them. I didn't mean to be shoved by Sarah into a lamp and shattering the entire thing. And I most definitely did not mean to throw food across the entire kitchen at Sarah. Yeah, right.

Daniel jumped down from the stairs, grabbing me from behind and pulling my arms behind my back, forcing me to drop my cold pizza in the process.

"What in the hell is going on down here? And Sage, why are you wet? Go for a swim?" he teased, so I turned my head around and stuck my tongue out defiantly.

"No, I did not go for a swim douche bag!" I stated, turning my head back around to glare a hole into Sarah's head. She was looking at me all innocently, batting her eyelashes and rocking back and forth on her toes with her hands in front of her, all petite like. Stupid, annoying devil.

"Hey doll. Don't call me that. What has happened down here? Er, well in the entire house as well?" he asked Sarah. She dropped her innocent look and replaced it with the guilt look. Her eyes were wide, her stance stock straight. You could tell she was about to lie with the glint in her eyes, and her eyebrows were raised.

I've known her for her entire life, and also knew that her voice would be higher if she was lying.

"Um, er well, Sage woke up on her own, and attacked me with food, so I went all ninja and threw her in the pool with my strength. Then, she attacked me with more food, so I had to use self defense, right? Well thank god you came when you did, because she was going to try to kill me with cold pizza!" she told him. I was laughing so hard by the end she was done, like Daniel. Daniel had finally released my arms so I threw the pizza across the room and it landed right in the middle of her face.

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