43rd Chapter

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43rd Chapter

Time: 7 pm

Ynna's Point of View

I hugged him,

My husband.

"Shall we come in?" I asked him with a big smile plastered on my face.

It feels so good calling Cyriel my husband. Kahit na alam kong napilitan lang siya kanina, i don't care. All i care is that now, he's mine 'til i die. 


"Then marry her. Make my daughter happy." My mom told Cyriel.

I know for a fact na takot si Cyriel sa parents ko. Why? Because he knows what they can do. I remember nung isang time na gustong umuwi ni Cy sa Pilipinas, my mom went to the States and threatened him na guguluhin niya ang buhay nung babae niya pag ginawa niya 'yun. My mom didn't know and still do not know na si Dana yung babaeng dahilan kung bakit hindi ako mahal- mahalin ni Cy. Cyriel would never tell her that, and he would never allow me to.

Hindi na sumagot si Cy, instead, pumunta siya sa tabi ko.

"Let's start now?" My mom asked the Mayor, who happens to be a close friend of my father. Kaya naman hindi ako natatakot; my mom's here, the mayor is on my side. I've got all that i need.

The process started. Cyriel would just nod. Ynna, just calm down. Don't you cry now. The end justifies the means. Kahit napipilitan lang siya, in the end, he'll still be my husband. 

"We are gathered together here in the presence of these witnesses to join this man and this woman in matrimony, which is an honorable estate, and is not to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly, but reverently and discreetly. If

anyone can show just cause why this man and this woman may not lawfully

be joined together, let them speak now or hereafter remain silent."

We all remained silent. No one would dare speak. Not even Cyriel..

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