Chapter 24

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We both reached home in his car and I was thankful that he didn't leave me at the office after that debacle because I didn't have my car with me. Being naive as I am I fell for his act in the morning and hitched a ride with him. Big mistake!

Though the 'good mood' didn't last at least he did wait for me. I didn't want to go with him but my options were limited. The car ride was silent and awkward unlike our morning. He stayed quiet and conscious of his behaviour I too kept my lips sealed. I didn't want him to go off on me again because this time I wouldn't hold back.

I'll give it back with equal fervour.

Entering the penthouse he moved to his room and I went to mine but before I could move inside he ordered "Get ready in an hour" and closed his door before I could respond.

The nerve of this guy!

I cursed him and banged my door hard it's sound echoing in the whole apartment. Childish as it was I didn't care. This guy was making me go nuts.

I was cursing him still for ordering me when I got an idea. He wants me to be ready in an hour. I'll give him an hour. Laughing wickedly I moved towards my bathroom and turned on the tap in the bathtub.

"After such a hectic week I deserve a nice soaking bath. Dear husband you'll have to wait because it's gonna be a loooong one" I whispered smirking.

Waiting for the bathtub to fill I lighted some candles to create a nice ambience and then added luxurious bath salts in the bathtub when it was full. I turned off the lights and everything just seemed perfect. Light aromas wafted through the room and the candles imparted a luminous glow to the room.

I removed my clothes and went in the tub putting on a slow music. Soaking in the bubbles I closed my eyes and let myself free and went to sleep unaware.

I opened my eyes when I heard someone knocking but before I could respond the bathroom door opened and in walked a worried Siddharth. The worry changed to irritation when he saw the scene.

"What the heck Anika? I have been waiting for you to come out since past one hour and you're here enjoying your bath"

I was too shocked to say anything and saw his gaze wandering, moving from my face to my legs which by the way were visible. He shook his head and looked away. I blushed red thinking about our situation. We were alone in my bathroom while I was lying here completely naked. Thank god for the suds helping me to conceal the important parts.

"I lost track of time. I didn't know when I fell asleep" I explained.

"So careless as always. Here I was knocking like crazy and when you didn't respond I was so worried that something bad happened to you. You.." he stopped mid rant when he realised what he said. He looked like a deer caught in the head lights.

"You.. you were worried?" I whispered, a tingling sensation bubbling in my stomach but also felt a bit guilty for making him worried like this because of my insolent behaviour.

He came towards me picking my towel on the way and knelt before me. I started breathing faster looking at the intensity in his eyes. He brought his free hand forward and brushed my hair away from my forehead all the while his gaze fixated on my face only. He kept the towel within my reach and said, "Get ready soon please" and left leaving my question unanswered.

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