Never Collar Your Dog

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NOTE: This is a true story meant as a warning. Don't collar your dog unless necessary.

We had an awful incident this Sunday.

I was sitting in the garden with the girls as usual, they sauntered around, grazed the grass and sunbathed. Just as always, Fay and Vinny would spar casually with each other now and then.

Suddenly, it happened. What I thought was a fight turned out to be something even worse, as I arrive, I discover how Fay has somehow gotten herself stuck with her bottom jaw in Vinny's collar. She has then managed to spin it around one revolution. Fay is panicked as she tries to pull loose while Vinny is slowly being strangulated to death.

I can hear her draw her last breaths just as I manage to untangle Fay from the collar. But the calm only last for about a second when the old ladies arrive (Maud and Tricia), they come to stop the fight they thought just transpired.

Vinny and Fay don't want to fight the old ladies, so the old ladies start fighting each other instead.

One of Vinny's eyes have popped out from the strangulation, but it popped back in during the ride to the veterinarian.

Fay was so nestled into the collar that two of her teeth were pulled out.

They are otherwise fine.

Maud and Tricia are bleeding from the fight. The veterinarian is patching them up as I write.

Considering everything, the dogs are in a pretty good shape.

Even so, I keep having flashes of when Vinny is being strangulated, her eye popping out, and the sound as she realizes she's dying. A mix of yelps and sighs.

I'm trying to keep happy that she survived, that it should chase way the horrible experience. But nothing is working.

The dogs do not understand why I am sad. I feel such guilt and self-contempt that I'm breaking apart. This would never have happened if I had removed their collars, which I am well aware I should do.

Take care each other, you never know if the unthinkable will happen.

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