Chapter 1: New College Life

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A tear was creeping out of the corner of Anna's eye as she dropped the last of Castiel's stuff in his dormitory. The walls were bare, as well as the shiny gray blanket on the bed, clearly not been washed for what looks like an entire semester. On the opposite wall, there was a small pile of boxes on the other bed, with a single poster taped on the wall. The stacks looked rather neat compared to Castiel's disarrayed things. Castiel noticed a book on the stranger's bedside table, Introduction to Law.

"Well," Castiel set down the box he had in his hands and turned to his sister, who was wiping a tear from her eye, "I guess this is it."

Anna jumped foward and wrapped him in a warm embrace, her voice muffled in his shoulder, "You behave now, and come back during the break to visit. Don't forget to call me or your brothers!"

Castiel chuckled and ran a hand through the red hair shoved in his face, "I'm going to miss you Anna, but we can still skype and stuff. We'll keep in touch."

Anna released her hold and held Castiel by his shoulders, shooting him a sideways smile that said I'm going to miss the absolute crap out of you. She chuckled.

"What?" Castiel laughed down at her.

"You just grew up so fast. Well, goodbye, Cassie," Anna got on her tip-toes to give her little brother a quick family peck on the cheek before going to the doorway, giving him one last small smile before disappearing down the corridor.

On her way out, Anna bumped into a man that was heading in the same direction as Castiel's room, holding a box in his arms.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Anna apologized, looking up meet eyes with a long, shaggy, brown-haired boy that was well above her height.

He grabbed the item that had bumped out of his box and smiled up at her from the ground, "It's fine. Actually, what're you doing in here? Isn't this the boy's dorm?"

"Oh, well," Anna rubbed her arm nervously, "I was actually just helping my brother move into his dorm. I was just leaving."

Sam was finally standing to his full potential before he replied, "Yea, my brother is doing the same thing, but considering he's a professor here, I would hope he would. Well, I guess I'll see you around," he winked before he set off.

Anna turned to watch him walk away, obviously not looking at his back side as he did so, or so she told herself. She was surprised to see him go into the same room that she had previously left a grown-up Castiel to sort through his things.

When Sam entered the room, he was unexpecting of the other boy in the dorm, "Oh, hey there."

Castiel jumped, turning around to the newly entered boy and was hesitant to smile for only a second, "Hi. Uhm, my name's Castiel," Cas held his hand out to shake.

Sam took it, his hand suffocating Castiel's small childish hand in comparison, "Nice to meet you, I'm Sam."

Just then, another person filed into the room. An older boy, probably in his mid or late 20's, between the heights of the other two and sparkling green eyes came through the door with a box in hand, "Here ya go, Sammy."

"Yes, thank you, Mr. Winchester," Sam teased.

Dean shot him a glance and turned to his roomate, "So, who's the boy, Sam?"

Sam didn't glance over his shoulder, slowly unpacking his things, "That there is Castiel, I believe we both have your class."

"Oh, I'll see you in Humanities," Dean patted his brother on the back before leaving the room, and Castiel could have sworn that he saw a wink from the man.

Castiel felt a blush creep onto his cheeks, and tried to hide it by unpacking his things with his back turned to the other boy, "So, who was that?"

"My bigger brother, Dean. He teaches Humanities here," Sam laughed to himself, remembering the good times and how excited Dean was when he found out that Sam got accepted.

"I see, so how did you know I had Humanities?" Castiel pretended to rummage through his boxes, but he was more interested in his rather handsome roomate and even better-looking brother who he secretly wished was his professor.

"It's a requirement here. One of your basic classes, and he's the only Humanities teacher on campus, so," Sam shrugged his shoulders, keeping his hands buried in his boxes.

Castiel found his schedule in the box he was searching and and scanned over it, "I have it.... at 2? Yea, at 2, and I have it with your brother."

"Oh, sweet! I have it that same period!" Sam cheered, reading over his own schedule.

The boys continued to unpack their things and before long, they had a pretty cozy dormitory with posters from movies and bands and a couple of Castiel's good drawings. The beds were covered with blankets, Castiel's was grey, while Sam's was red. They examined the room to see what they had. There was a small cooking space, but there only appliances were a toaster, a one-burner over, and a cheap coffee maker. Cupboards were mostly empty, aside from the set of cups and a couple plates, and a single pan.

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