Imagine6: When And Where He Asks You To Be His Gf.

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Justin Bieber: His Concert.

Justin was performing. You loved to see him perform. Then you heard the familiar beat to One Less Lonely Girl (OLLG). You were watching him sing his heart out. Then all of a sudden you saw one of Justin's dancers pull you closer to the stage. You were in La La land until you were pulled on stage. Then all of a sudden you were brought out of La La land bye thousands of screaming girls. Then you were sat down on a chair. And then you hear the screaming get louder. You then feel a hand on your chin. You look up and see that Justin is right in front of your face. You block out the screaming from all these girls and just focus on Justin. You feel Justin pull you up from your chair and he starts to slow dance with you while OLLG is finishing up. After the song is over. You saw Justin lean in and kiss you on stage in front of his fans. You never thought he would do that for only one reason. His fans don't know that you've been on dates with him. They only know you as his best friend. You whisper in his ear. "Justin what was that?" You asked him. He didn't reply he just went on to speak. "Guys you know my best friend Y/N." and they all screamed. "Well I have something to ask her. If that's ok with you guys?" He asked. His fans screamed really loud. Then they got quiet. And Justin started to speak. "Y/N. we've been dating for a while now and I was wondering. If you would be my girl?" He asked you. All the fans started to film this moment and waited for your answer. You kept hearing them chant the word yes over and over again. You took the mic from Justin. "Justin I only have one thing to say." He took your hand as a signal to go on. "Yes I will be your girl." The fans started screaming and Justin gave you a big bear hug and twirled you around. "Give a big thank you to my girlfriend." The fans started to scream. "This is Y/N and she's a keeper." The fans screamed even more. You stayed backstage with his mom and little sister Jazmyn (aka Jazzy). She was the first one to hug you. "Y/N did Justin ask you?" She asked. "Yes he did." You told her. She was so happy she liked you more than his Ex that you've hung out with Selena Gomez. (No hate just pretend she didn't like her as much love her music tho). After her and Justin broke up. Jazzy went straight to Justin and told him that she really didn't like her. She was trying to like her for her big brother. Justin was happy that she came out with the truth right after they broke up and he was also happy that she tried to like Selena just for him because she didn't want her older brother to be upset. *Flash Back* Jazzy went to her older brother Justin's room to ask if he was ok. She knocked on the door. "Bieber. Can I come in?" (His nickname). "Sure Jazzy." He told her. She went in and closed the door carefully. "Justin I have to tell you something." She told him. "What is it Jazzy. You can tell me?" He told her. "Justin I didn't really like Selena. I was trying to but I couldn't. I'm sorry." She told him. He motioned her to come to him with his finger. "That's ok jazzy thanks for telling me the truth and thanks for trying. But I also have a secret to tell you." He told her. "What is it Justin?" She asked him. "I didn't really like her either." He told her. "Why?" She asked him. "Because when I was with her I was liking someone else." He told her. "Is it Y/N?" She asked him. "How did you know?" He asked her. "Even though I'm your little sister. I saw you starring at her from time to time when she would come over." She told him. That's the day he made it his mission to get you to be his girl. *Flash Back Over* Once the show was over. Justin came backstage and the only person he wanted to hug was you. When he found you. He hugged you. You could care less at this point if he was sweaty or not. You pulled away from the hug and handed him a water bottle. (Originally you had gotten it for your self before. But you gave it to Justin instead). Justin looked at you while drinking his water. "Y/N thank you for staying with me." He told you. "Your welcome Justin anything for my favourite boy. In the whole world." You told him. After he hugged the rest of his team and you some more he started to drag you to his tour bus. (You are staying for the last leg of his tour). "Justin why are you dragging me to a tour bus?" You asked him. "Well I want you to meet the rest of my family." He told you. (When you were friends you didn't get to meet his step mom or his little brother Jaxon). Once you got to inside the tour bus and the door had shut. You stood out of the way so Justin could spend a few minutes talking with his family about the show. "Guys I have something to tell you." He told his dad and step mom. "What is it Justin." They both asked. While you were walking towards Justin to stand next to him. "Well me and Y/N are boyfriend and girlfriend." He told them. They had smiles across there faces. You gave his dad Jeremy a hug first. Then you hugged his step mom. "Y/N I want you to meet my step mom Erin. Erin I want you to meet my girlfriend Y/N." he introduced the 2 of you to each other. "Nice to meet you Y/N and welcome to the family." She told you. "Nice to meet you to Erin. And thank you." While you were talking to Erin you saw Justin holding someone. "Hey Erin is it ok if Y/N holds Jaxon?" He asked her. "It's fine with me if it's ok with her." She said. You didn't know what to say. So you just nodded. (Jaxon is a baby). Justin sat down next to you and handed you his new little brother jaxon. You looked at his little brother and saw that he looked just like Justin. "Justin I have a question." You asked him. "What is it?" He asked you. "Did you ever let Selena hold Jazzy when she was a baby?" You asked him. "Nope I didn't. Only because she was on tour at the time Jazzy was born. And she would barely come see her." He told you. (Just pretend this happened). The adults left Justin and you with jaxon for a little while. They had to go help the team with the equipment. You wanted to stay with Justin. Because you really liked him. A whole lot.

Ryan Butler: A Friends Wedding.

You were at Ryan's house getting ready for an event. (You are still living with Ryan and his parents). You were going to his friends wedding. When you were done getting ready the family was ready for wedding pics. Ryan couldn't take the pics without you on them. You took pics with the family. Then you were off to the wedding. Once you were seated the ceremony started. The bride and groom said there vowels. They were asked by the priest to kiss. After they kissed. Everyone started clapping. You rode with Ryan's family to the reception. When you got to the reception you were seated next to Ryan. Before the reception started. (All the other guests were still coming in). Ryan was acting weird. "Ryan are you ok?" You asked him. "Y/N I can't take this anymore." He told you. "Y/N we've been friends for 10 years now. And I like you lots. Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked you. He asked you loud enough for only his family to hear you. You looked at his family and they all nodded there heads yes. "Yes. Yes I will be your girlfriend Ryan." You told him. He was very happy. You and Ryan were the only ones that stayed seated during most of the reception. Now you just have to think about how to break this to your friends.

Chaz Somers: Sleep Over.

You were spending the night over at Chaz' house. You were with Justin Ryan and Christian. You were playing games when you got hungry. "Hey guys what do you want to do for food?" You asked them. "Um my mom has money I can get some pizzas." He said. While Chaz was ordering the pizzas you were in his room. Then you went to the kitchen and got drinks for everyone. You heard the door bell ring. "Yo guys pizzas here." You said. Chaz gave the money to the pizza delivery boy and he left. You went to get plates and napkins for you guys when Chaz yelled your name. "Y/N come here I need to ask you something." He yelled from the living room. "I'm coming." You yelled back from the kitchen. You were in the living room only to see all the boys standing next to a cheese pizza box. Then you turned to Chaz. "Chaz what is this?" You asked him. "Well I have something to tell you but I can't do it in words so I did this instead." He told you. You opened the box and it said. Ik that this is cheesy but will you be my girlfriend? And then you saw that there was a pepperoni heart on the box. "Chaz yes I will be your girlfriend." You told him. After you told him you then realised that the boys were filming you and Chaz. "Guys how many times I told you. You don't need to film everything." You faked whined. "Yes we do Y/N. you love it and you know it." Ryan said. You guys stayed up until you were tired. First Ryan went to sleep then Justin a second after him then Christian a few minutes after Justin and finally it was you guys that fell asleep twenty seconds after they did. You really liked that sleep over and you hoped to have one again.

Christian Beadles: His Birthday Party.

Today was Christian's birthday. And you wanted to make it a really happy memory for him. You were helping his mom and sister with the decorations while his dad took him out and let him pick what they got to do. You were throwing a surprise party for him. Justin Ryan and Chaz were coming to his party he didn't know that because he thought that they were all on vacation. His sister got a call from her dad. "They're on there way home." She told you and her mom. You had finished the decorations about an hour ago. Justin Ryan Chaz and all of Christian's friends and immediate family were all there. You were watching for them. "They're here. Everyone hide." You told them. They started to get into position and you turned the lights off. Then you opened the door. "Hey happy birthday." You told him. "Thanks." He said. His dad was standing by the light switch waiting for your ok. You nodded towards his dad and he turned on the lights. Then every body was yelling. "Happy Birthday Christian." They were cheering and then he saw something he didn't expect. "Justin Ryan Chaz your here your really here. But how?" He asked. "Well Y/N thought it was a good idea to bring us here because she told us that you missed us." Justin said. Christian looked at you and then he hugged you tight. "Thank you for being the best girlfriend ever." He told you. Your eyes got wide. He just told everyone that you were his girlfriend. You looked at home with wide eyes. "Y/N what is it?" He asked you. "Um Christian did you mean do call me your girlfriend?" You asked him. "Well yes I did. Y/N." he told you. You were blushing and then everyone started cheering and clapping. After you were introduced to everyone of his family that you haven't met. He opened his gifts from people. When it was time for everyone to leave. You decided to stay the night. You slept on his bed while he slept on the floor on an air mattress. "Y/N thank you for bringing my best friends to my birthday." He told you. "Your welcome anything for you Christian." You told him. "Good night Christian. Happy birthday." You told him. "Thanks. And good night Y/N."

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