Chapter five-Fairy floss puke and Tense conversations

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♥♡Hey, just quickly, I've decided I will continue this story because it's really fun to write. I would love more feedback 'coz I dunno if it's any good or not, even if you're questioning my spelling and grammar or telling me what you'd like to happen, please don't be a silent reader, okay? thank you (in advance). Anyway, on with the story!♡♥

Alex woke up the next day and immediately wondered how Ivy was. His thoughts traced back to yesterday and he remembered today was her birthday. He decided he would get her a present. The real question was: what to get her?

Ivy would be happy with anything, a small voice in his head told him and he was inclined to agree.

He pulled himself out of bed and glanced in his mirror, attempting (and failing) to flatten his dark, unruly hair. After a minute of battling with his wild locks he gave up and got dressed.

His feet felt heavy as he trudged downstairs, yawning.

"I'm just going out, Mum" he told his mother who was frying something over the stove.

"Okay Love, you sure you don't want breakfast?" she asked.

"No thanks" he clarified and blew her a kiss as he walked out the door. She pretended to catch it and pressed her hands to her cheek. Alex smiled, remembering all the times they would do that when he was a kid.

He and his mother were very close, but she had recently got a job so they were spending less and less time togther. His father was constantly away on buisness trips, simmilar, he was guessing, to Ivy's parents.

He reached the small array of shops on the end of the street and entered the closest one.

Julie's jewlery

the large pink and purple sign on top of the sign read. What a stupid name, Alex thought Really takes abbreviation to the next level, the sarcastic voice in his continued.

Shaking his head at these thoughts he took a look at the store.


No other word for it. It was as if some panda bear had eaten fairy floss, then vomited it up again and added sprinkles. He scanned the shop for a sign of something, anything that wasn't pink and his eyes landed on a small box on the counter.

assorted trinkets and jewlery $2ea

well, he thought this has gotta be my best bet. Alex made his way over to the small box. Unlike everything else in the store which was heavily packaged and over-priced (and not to mention pink), the box of assorted jewlery looked second hand and old, but some of the pieces were remarkable beautiful judging on the price. A middle-aged lady behind the counter smiled quickly at him and then continued the phone call she'd been previously engaged with.

He slowly began sifting through the objects in the flimsy, cardboard box, marvelling at them.

An opal brooch, a bangle with irredencent beads, a ring with something that looked quite smillar to a diamond.

"Can I help you dear?" a voice said and Alex looked up to see that the lady had finished her phone conversation.

He smiled politely. "No thank you"

The woman nodded "Those were my great aunt's things" she explained to him "She died a few months ago aged 92 and left them to me in her will"

"Some of these things could be quite valuable" Alex said with a questioning tone while picking up a gold locket and inspected it.

"I don't really want them" she explained "one man's trash is another man's treasue" she recited.

He chuckled "When you put it that way i suppose it makes sense."

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