Chapter Three

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Time Junction - 0000

     Everything was at a standstill here in Time Junction.

     The whole place basked in serene silence, a refreshing change from the god-awful noise so often emitted from the human world nearby. Its walls seemed to dazzle with a soft, unexplainable glow with no explanation how or where it came from. Odd-looking doors lined the misty grounds and the only movement that occurred here came from the massive clock that hung in mid-air when its hands had to tick by every minute or so, although its ticking was inaudible too.

     Without a doubt, Time Junction was a portal - a portal of time. The complex and intricate mechanics of the hanging clock caused time to be infinite and it gave anyone who walked through any of the odd-looking doors the ability to travel back in time. In fact, very few people have ventured into this place based on the reason alone that they might exploit the place's time travelling abilities. But for those humans who have ventured out this far, it is only because they possessed a gold, dainty pocket watch which had an uncanny resemblance to the massive clock here.

     Indeed, Time Junction was a place out of this world.

     Dreamers with their head in the clouds would call it a haven of their imaginations.

     Realists, on the other hand, would state that this kind of stuff only appeared in the movies before reassuring themselves that it was just a dream.

     Unfortunately for Will, it wasn't just a dream. When the young woman opened her eyes, she got such a shock that she stumbled back, losing her balance and most likely her sanity as well. When she finally regained her composure, she was greeted by a blinding light that seemed to come from her surroundings. The dazzling light soon reduced to a soft glow, and she opened her eyes yet again to contemplate the sight in front of her.

     "What—” Will began but stopped when she realised she didn't know what to say. Surveying her strange surroundings, she was quite certain that there wasn't any visiting circus in Huntingston recently. The soft glow of the place seemed to dazzle her eyes teasingly, making the walls look like a huge fresco of twinkling jewels.

     Actually, she was very certain that this wasn't anywhere in Huntingston or anywhere normal, for that matter.

     So where the hell am I?

     Honestly, Will didn't know, and this bothered her a great deal. It was unusually quiet here, a reminder that she was frighteningly alone. The place was remotely vast and wide, the only comforting sight being the familiar-looking clock Will could vaguely make out in the distance, and even that she found strange. Doors of different sizes and colours were everywhere and a hazy mist covered the ground, reaching up to her knees.

     Am I dead?

     Somehow Will doubted that line of thinking. She knew couldn't possibly be dead as she could feel her own heart thumping against her chest, a reassuring sign that she hadn't passed the bucket yet. Besides, she was only at the tender age of nineteen. People that young weren't meant to die, and if they did, that would just be very wrong.

     Frowning, Will couldn't help feeling agitated that she didn't have an inkling where she was. It was frustrating for she knew that if she didn't know soon, panic would sink in eventually, a feeling she had always hated as she liked being the one in control over herself.

     The young woman groaned. Ever since that man gave me that pocket watch...

     "The pocket watch!" Will said out loud, the memories of yesteryear flooding back as if a light bulb suddenly flicked inside her mind.

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