Games and Distracting

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A/N This has been a fantasy of mine for a while so yeah

We go to your bedroom, I kiss you softly and gently push you down onto your bed "Mhh what you doing babe?" you ask lookin up at me. "Shh.." I reply and pull the covers over you handing you your xbox controller. I move to the bottom of your bed and crawl under the covers laying inbetween your legs. You turn on the xbox and start up a game, relaxing against a pillow. I pull your jeans and underwear off, tossing them out the covers and onto the floor. I rest my small hands on your thighs and lick your tip and slit softly. You began playing your game, moaning as you feel my lips around you. I start sucking deeper with each stroke. Moving my hand softly at the base of your cock. I suck harder taking long and deep strokes, making cute gurgling noises when you reac the back of my throat. You moan louder, losing the game more and more. "Ooohh...gosh babe..." You moan. I stop sucking and pop my head up out the covers, my face red, my mascara running a bit, "you okay babe?"

You pause the game and look at me, kiss me hard then lay back relaxing "I'm more than okay babe, now get back down there, because I'm not done yet."

I kiss back and move down and start sucking again, slowly and deeply. "Mmhh baby just like that.." You tilt your head back, and enjoy me sucking you then you unpause the game and focus on that. You start to brag about me to your online friends and they start getting jealous. I moan quietly but loud enough for them to hear, then letting them hear the gurgling noises as I deepthroat you, swallowing your cock. You laugh because everyone thinks it sounds so hot. "Hey can I have a turn next?" Someone asks, you tell them no and continue moaning.  You keep playing, biting your lip watching me suck you. "Fuck." You whisper and moan under your breath every time you die. I smirk a bit and relax, happily and lovingly sucking on your cock. You continue to play your game as I get turned on more and more by what I'm doing. Giving up I slip my hand into my panties and rub myself, letting out quiet moans. I feel you start to move your hips in my mouth slightly, your moans getting louder. Unable to control myself any longer I take your cock out of my mouth and look up at you with a childish pout and whine "Baabe...I....I need you..."

You look down at me, your cock resting against my cheek as I pout at you. "Need me to what?"

My cheeks flush pink and I get wetter knowing your friends can hear me, I whisper "Fuck me..." You smirk gently and turn off your xbox and push me on my back, my arms above my head. As you kiss down my neck I feel you push into me, filling me up, I whine with pleasure. My pussy clenches around you feeling you thrust into me, I run my nails down your back. You shudder and start to thrust faster pounding into me harder. "Ahhh babe!" I scream, pleasure filling my body. My eyes roll back and my make up runs more, I arch my back and your wrap your arms around my body holding me close as you whisper in my ear "I'm close baby...." I nod knowing I'm close, myself. In a few more thrusts I feel your hot cum filing my pussy and letting out a moan I cum all over you. You pull out and lay down beside me, both of us are panting. I grab your hand gently and place it over my racing heart as I kiss you softly "I love you..." You smile and kiss me back, whispering against my lips "I love you too."

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