Part 74*

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Today was probably going to be the last ordinary morning of Shravan and Sumo's life. From this day forward, their lives were going to take a beautiful turn to a destination they had been longing to go to for over a decade.

Shravan woke up earlier then usual because there were a lot of preparations to be done. He snuck into Sumo's room while she was still sleeping and turned of all her alarms. He closed all the curtains and shut the door, making sure she wouldn't wake up any time soon.

Shravan quickly got ready and left his room to be greeted by Pushkar, Preeti, Vandy and Varun who were all over to make sure that the bride's side of the family was prepared with all of the necessary things needed. On the other hand, Nirmala and Kamini, along with Lalaji and Ramnath were preparing for the groom's side of the family, which was much easier.

Shravan: Hey guys! Ready?!

Pushkar: Bhaiya, we should be asking you that question?! Are you ready to make Sumo your wife and be stuck with that headache for the rest of your life?? (grinning)

Shravan: Hey! Watch it Pushkar! (protectively) You are talking about my to-be wife! And don't you dare call my angel a headache!!

Varun: (laughing) Give him 3 months and he will come crawling back to us!! Then he will tell us what a real headache is!!

Vandy: Varun Baby! What are you trying to say?!!

Varun: Nothing Baby! Nothing at all!

Mamiji: Preeti Beta, how are you now??

Preeti: Much better Mummy! How can I not be after all!! It's Shravan Jiju's wedding!!!

Pushkar: And my cutie Sumo's!! (grinning)

Nanu: Beta, is everything ready for tomorrow??

Pushkar: Yes Nanu. We have basically everything ready. Preeta and the whole PCT team just took a flight to Udaipur so they can get a head start on preparing the food. The decorators have begun their job and the Palace is reserved for us.

Shravan: And what about the rooms for all of my friends??

Pushkar: Yeah, I just called them last night to make sure each of them would have their own room.

Preeti: And don't forget about Purna and Avinash, they are flying straight to the Palace tomorrow evening too.

Shravan: Ok guys, I'm going to go pick up the Mangal Sutra and some other things that we need.

Mamaji: Ok Shravan Beta, you go.

The day goes by in a blur. Shravan runs around town getting all of his last mintue things that he needs to make sure that everything in the wedding is simply perfect.

Sumo woke up late that morning, thanks to Shravan who shut off her alarms. She rushed to get ready and left the room to see the whole family woking frantically.

Since she was the bride, she was not allowed to do a single thing. To make sure that she didn't run off somewhere, Shravan had hired Dubbo. His responsibility was to make sure his Suman Di remained in the room all day long.

Bored and irritated, Sumo sat in the room all day long as the family continued to run around. She hadn't seen Shravan all day and was getting restless now. Mamiji had sent her dinner to her room and she ate it in silence. It was getting late and there was no sign of Shravan.

She packed her bag with all of her nessecary things that she needed to take to Udaipur, apart from the clothes and jewelry. She got her bag ready and moved it to the side of the room when she felt two strong hands crawl around her waist, wrapping her up in a blanket of warmth.

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