Imagine5: When And Where Your First kiss Is.

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Justin Bieber: Miley Cyrus Concert.

Miley just got done performing one of her old songs. And she had a big surprise for you that only Justin knew about. Miley's dad Billy Ray Cyrus took you and Justin backstage and he handed you a mic. You looked at Justin confused. "Justin why are we backstage at Miley's concert? And why do I have a mic?" You asked him. "Well you'll find out in a sec Y/N." he said. "Guys I have 2 special guests backstage tonight. And normally I would do this song with my dad but I'm gonna have some help. Who wants to see Justin and his date Y/N perform tonight?" The crowd started to scream really loud at the mention of Justin's name. "This is Ready Set Don't Go." The music began playing and that's when Justin went out and sung Billy Ray's part with Miley. You were watching them. They were on the last few notes when you were being dragged to the end of the stage by Justin. Then it was your turn. You started to sing Miley's part. (You don't have stage fright). You looked at the crowd and Justin and Miley as you finished her part. After you finished the song the crowd was screaming. "Give it up for Justin and his date Y/N everybody." Miley screamed. You and Justin waved at the crowd and went back to your front row seats. Miley was performing other songs of hers and she was performing covers of her favourite artists. While she was performing a slow song Justin was standing behind you with his arms loosely wrapped around your neck. Then Justin turned you around and put his arms tightly around your waist. He put his forehead on yours. Then he said in your ear. "Hey Y/N I'm gonna try something alright?" He told you. "Ok Justin just don't make it weird whatever your about to do." You told him. You waited for a reply. You saw Justin leaning in. "Justin what are you doing?" You asked him. You waited for another reply. Then you felt his right hand on your waist and his left hand on your cheek. Then you felt his lips on yours. You stood still for a second and then you kissed him back. You heard screams all around you. When you pulled away. Justin put his forehead on yours. You opened your eyes and smiled at him. He smiled right back at you. You turned around and continued to watch the rest of Miley's concert.

Ryan Butler: Summer Dance Festival.

Ryan had surprised you with tickets to a summer dance festival in Canada. You were excited and started hugging him. Since your parents are divorced. You didn't need to ask your mom because she told you that she likes Ryan and you staying there is good for you. You went and got your stuff and started packing. You were gonna stay in Justin's grandparents house while they went on vacation. Later that night. (You had to go to bed when it was still daylight out). You were asleep in Ryan's bed with Ryan and he woke you up. "Hey Y/N wake up it's time to go to the airport." He whispered. "I'm up I'm up." You said. Ryan's mom took you to the airport and you went through security check and bag check. You got on the plane with your stuff and sat down. As soon as you sat down your eyes started to droop with sleep. "Go to sleep Y/N I'll tell you when we get there." You did just that and laid your head on his shoulder and fell asleep. Ryan started to shake you awake. "Y/N we're here we are fixing to land. You put on your seatbelt. "Hey Ryan who is gonna pick us up?" You asked him. "Justin he said that he would be there to pick us up." He told you. When you got off the plane you grabbed your bag then you went to baggage claim and got your bags. "Ryan did Justin say what gate he was at?" You asked. "He told me that he was parked out front so he's meeting us at the front of the airport." He told you. Once you got to the front of the airport. You and Ryan saw Justin and they did there bro hug. Then he hugged you to. Justin and Ryan took your bags. "Um guys my arms aren't broken I can carry my own bags." You said. Then they said at the same time. "We know Y/N we just want to help you out." They said. You started to think. Your 2 best friends carrying your bags and going on a date with Ryan. (AKA yours and Justin's best friend). And you only had to carry your carry on bag. You liked it. While you were putting your stuff in the trunk you noticed people with big cameras coming up to the airport. "Um Justin?" You asked. "Yeah Y/N?" He asked. "You didn't say that you were gonna come pick us up did you?" You asked him. "Nope. I didn't why?" He asked. "I see some guys with cameras headed towards us." You told him and Ryan. You got real nervous because you don't like to have your pics all over the Internet when you look like a complete mess. "Oh crap. Ryan, Y/N get in the car." He said. Once you were in the car you dropped your stuff in the guest bedroom. But the only problem is that his grandparents only had one guest room. Since you were going to the summer dance festival with Ryan you might as well sleep in the same bed. After you picked spots and you were the only girl they let you get ready first. "Y/N Ik your the only girl but you can get ready." Justin said. "Are you sure. Justin?" You asked. "I'm sure Y/N now. Go." He playfully pushed you towards the bathroom. After you got ready you came out of the bathroom in 10 seconds. They looked at you. "Woah Y/N I didn't know that you could get ready that fast." Ryan said. "Well if you've got a date with one of your best friends and your staying at your other best friends grandparents house. You've got to be ready for anything." You told them. While they were getting ready. You were looking at your outfit. You had a black and gold crop top with eyeliner powder mascara and lipgloss. Then you paired it with black and gold high tops. For your hair you did a simple side braid. When you got to the festival. You were the first ones there. Justin knew someone so you didn't need tickets for any of the activities or the food and you get to go backstage and just chill because he is performing later on. Now it's time for Justin to perform. You and Ryan were backstage standing while watching Justin. He was singing his heart out. You and Ryan stood side by side. He kept looking at you. You finally looked at him. He started to lean in. You did 2. Then he finally kissed you. (Even though Justin was performing someone with his phone had a video of you 2 kissing). After you pulled away. You and Ryan watched the rest of Justin's amazayn performance. (One Direction reference). When he was done he got his phone back. And looked at the video. He posted it on Instagram and twitter and tagged you both in it. After you watched the video you and Ryan started to playfully hit Justin repeatedly over and over again.

Chaz Somers: Hockey Game.

You and Chaz were at a hockey game that Justin had gotten you tickets to. You were sitting up in the high box. (Whatever that's called). You were rooting for the same hockey team Nashville Preds. You were so excited. "Thanks for bringing me here Chaz." You said. Before he could reply the buzzer went off and They took one goal before the break. And now they were doing the kiss cam. The announcer was looking around for certain people to kiss. They kept finding old couples. Then you see the spotlight on you and Chaz. Chaz looked up. "Y/N look we're on kiss cam." He showed you. You looked up and noticed that you were on kiss cam and you started to blush. You heard everyone chanting kiss over and over until you kissed. You felt a hand on your chin. You turned and looked at Chaz. "Y/N I'm gonna do something so please don't freak out on me ok?" He asked. "Ok just please make it quick I'm starting to get shy... again." You said. You waited for a reply from him. And when you didn't get one. You felt his hand grab your chin. He turned you towards him. And then he suddenly kissed you. The kiss was passionate and you could hear people cheering. Once you pulled away you started to laugh. You and Chaz watched the rest of the hockey game cuddled into each other. You cheered really loud when the Preds won the game. When you got out of the arena. You went on social media. And found pictures of you and Chaz kissing all over the Internet. Then you saw the paps. You and Chaz got into your car and drove off to his house to watch movies.

Christian Beadles: Your Hot Tub.

You and Christian were at your house. Alone. You were playing in the pool. When you got cold and Christian noticed. "Hey Y/N what's wrong?" He asked you. "I'm cold." You told him while shivering. "You wanna go into your hot tub. To give your pool time to heat back up?" He asked you. "Please." You showed him your puppy face. He got out of the pool and then he grabbed your hand to help you out of the pool. He got into the hot tub first. He grabbed your hand and carefully pulled you into the hot tub. When you got into the hot tub water. You were still cold. Christian noticed this and hugged you. After the hug you went to duck yourself under the water but you couldn't get out of a tight grip. You turned and looked Christian and saw how close your faces were. Christian Leaned in and out his lips on yours. When you pulled away you started to blush. "Why did you do that Christian?" You asked him. "Because I like you and I wanted to." He said. Then you went inside and binged watched your fave movies and shows on Netflix.

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