Chapter 16 - Never Step Up to a God King

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"Good morning, Sleeping Beauty." A low purr reverberated in my ears. Half asleep I grudgingly peeked out from under thick lashes. "My my, you are something. Apparently Beyounce isn't the only one who wakes up like this." The melodic sound of Enzo laughing at his own joke was as hysterical as it was corny.

"So even you know pop culture. Can't say I'm shocked." I grumbled.

"I like to think I know everything as it were." Enzo grinned cheekily.

"Wow, you know for someone who both literally and figuratively stabbed his brothers in the back you sure are in high spirits." I spat, beyond annoyed with his ego.

"Oh, Love, so content to paint the stranger as the villian." His smirk made my stomach turn.

"In what world are you anything but a villian?" I hissed.

"In the world where fool-hearty little girl's learn their lovers before they fall." He smiled a secret woven in the curves of his lips.

"I know Adrian!" I screamed at him, jumping to my feet. A lush trail of blankets in my wake as I marched up to his lithe frame.

"Better than a God whose had eons to learn every piece of clockwork in the God that makes him tick?" He quipped. His breath was cool on my lips as I stood nose to nose with him. My fists were bawled and every instinct in me told me to punch the smug look off his too-perfect face.

"Eons of lieing and plots to destroy him is my guess. How can a liar possibly decipher any truth?"

"Sweet Little K, you have so much to learn." He chuckled darkly. "So many thing about your dark knight you are so perfectly blind to."

"And you're gonna teach me?" I laughed a bitterly wicked symphony.

"Oh yes, My Dear, and lesson one..." He slowly eyed my frame. His eyes lazily tracing down and up me until a satisfying idea shown through his cryptic gaze. "Lesson one, Princess, don't bring a fist to a God fight and lesson two... Never step up to a God King. Crawl on your knees were you belong.." He grinned wickedly as a searing pain shot through my body crippling my legs beneath me. I fell to the floor.

My vision danced and the sight of Enzo's shoes blurred before me. I bit my lip fighting the urge to cry out from the pain. A soft, warm air danced gracefully on the skin below my neck. A tingle echoed through my body radiating from the hot spot Enzo's lips were creating. Its electricity the only thing soothing the unbearable ache stiffening my body.

"Number three, Sweet K, I can bring just as much pain as pleasure... I won't tolerate your disrespect but you'r compliance will bring reward beyond your greatest fathoming." His lips traced my skin faintly sending a chill up my spine that tore through the white hot fire consuming my being. "The God of the Underworld may have owned you but as the God King I will utterly consume you. Whether or not you enjoy it is entirely your choice." His voice was pure seduction. The sound was all trouble and I hated myself for not being able to deny its gravity.

I groaned as the torture racking my body lifted with the absence of Enzo's breathes. I collapsed onto the floor. The ache left in wake of the pain too much for me to even try to move back to bed and yet I felt my body being lifted from the floor and the angelic softness of the bed swallowed me up once again.

"And, Love, if your affections were truly returned Adrian would have come to fetch you by now but where is he? You may ask yourself this and I could leave your little mind to wonder over the issue endlessly but I'll save you the headache. He's with Stephanie, naturally, and here you are. His beloved Koraline with the big bad wolf. Something isn't right with your love story, Baby." He mused. "If you're lucky I'll fix it for you."

Before my mind could form a retort a familiar darkness rushed in around me and the world fell silent as quickly as I fell to my knees before Enzo.

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