Ace's P.O.V. 1

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Only fixed a few things and added a few things, nothing too big or that I think will make a big difference if you don't read it, but you're welcomed to if you'd like!

"Mr. Kent, your meeting starts in 15, and the interview with Kade Jensen is at 3." My PA tells me. I look up at her from my computer and give her a nod.

"Thank you, Beth, you can take your lunch break if you'd like." I say. I go into the bathroom in my office and wash my face. It's been a long day and it's only half past twelve. Once I'm done I decide to head to the boardroom where I find a few of the men that are going to sell out their products to me. Once I acknowledge each individual and what they want me to invest in, I start to tune them out.

Today marks 10 years since I last saw the guy I was head over heels in high school. We graduated and I never saw him again. This is a yearly ache I deal with. I don't know how I haven't forgotten him. There was just something about him that swept me off my feet and he didn't even know it; no one was aware of my feelings towards for the wallflower in our school. He was so self-involved(and it's not even in a bad way) he just never noticed the world around him. I don't know when was the first time my heart beated differently for him, but it just did. That's when I first noticed I was gay. Stupid freshman crush. I noticed once when I was just looking his way that I felt my heart beat abnormally when we made eye contact, but to this day I'm not even sure if we actually did because he just turned his face looking the other way like he wasn't looking at me, but just quickly glancing around. I spent years looking for him. No one knew who I was talking about when I asked about him. I tried looking for him in our yearbook, but even then he didn't show up. I just wish I could go back and have just introduced myself. At least I would have known his name. I bet his name is as beautiful as the guy I saw across the room.

"So, what do you say?" I am asked. I look at the person who just asked me that and blinked. I haven't heard a single word since they introduced themselves.

"I will let all you gentlemen know my decision in a few days, a week's top of my decision. Please leave your folders with all the information at my PA's desk and as soon as I can I will get to you." I say standing up. I shake their hands and leave into my office. Once behind my office doors I breathe in a breathless breathe. I walk over to my mini fridge and decide I need a shot of whiskey to try and get through the day. I place the bottle on top of my desk and a glass cup. I've been out of it today. I hate how I feel on this day. I am not myself. I hear a knock on my door and pull it open making it hit the wall.


"Mr. Jensen has arrived." Beth says with wide eyes.

"Tell him to come in." I say closing my door and walking back to my seat. I fill my glass more than half way up and drink more than half of what I fill. I hear another knock which annoys me. I tell the person behind to open and after a few seconds, they come in.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Kent, I'm Kade Jensen." The beautiful specimen I haven't seen in 10 year says as he stands tall in a tight navy blue suit. He walks up to my desk and shakes my hand and then sits in the seat in front of me. He's more beautiful than he was. His strong handshake made me a little weak in the inside. I wonder what else those hands could do.

"Are you okay?" he asks me when I don't reply.

"Yes." Calm down Ace. I analyze him. Wow, the years have done him great.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

"You don't remember me?" I ask.

"Should I?" he asks. Of course you should! Who ever didn't know me even before I became a hot-shot CEO was considered a loser. I was popular when I went to high school, throughout university. How does he not know or remember me?

"Y-no, I guess not. You're here for the PA job?" He replied a yes, and I just stare at him. After I stop staring at him again I ask him for his resume.

"Can I see your resume?" I ask. He hands me a folder with a few papers which I scan through. I notice he took longer than I expected him to get through university. He had perfect grades in university which caught me by surprised because even I struggled. He had volunteered a lot, which I didn't do. And he had a lot of references from people he worked for.

"What took you so long to get through university?" I ask. I see him playing with his fingers and nibbling on his lips which makes me feel something on the inside.

"Personal issues and money really." He says. It bothered me that he had personal issues and money issues. If I had made him mine, more than just a friend he wouldn't have to go through whatever he did when he graduated.

"Why, why didn't you." He's making me choke up. I gulp down the rest of the whiskey I had in my glass and look back at him. He's making me nervous. 10 damn years and he still makes me feel the same way he did when I first saw him in freshman year.

What the hell is wrong with you, Ace?

"You know you shouldn't drink alcohol. About 6 people die everyday because of alcohol poisoning. You're working too, so shouldn't you be an example of what workers shouldn't do?" He states. That makes me look at him and grin.

"You do realize I am the owner of this company, right? And that I can do and say as I please?" I say standing up and walking around my desk so that I'm sitting on my desk to face and be closer to him. He gulps and looks up at me giving me a nod.

"So, are you planning to ask me anything else?" He asks when I don't say another word.

"No, you got the job as my new PA. You start in a week." I say. Kade was supposed to be my best friend's new PA, but apparently, I was getting the new PA and Mason was getting Beth instead.

"But, you haven't asked me anything. I also thought I was getting an interview to be Mr. Kennet's PA?" he says confused.

"Like I said, I'm the owner and as the owner I call the shots around here. So, congratulations Mr. Jensen, you got the job as my new PA.." I say as I shake his hand with a smile on my face.

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