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A women lies down surrounded by doctors and nurses telling her to push.

She pushes before hearing the cries of an infant. She sighs and relaxes as the nurses clean up her newborn son.

After a few minutes they hand her her child and her eyes widen. "What is wrong with his ears?" She asks the doctor.

"Many baby's are born with body defects... I once helped give birth to a child who's feet where fused together. She looked like a little mermaid." He explained and the new mother sighed.

Her husband comes and and sees the infant in her hands. Tears well in his eyes as he stars down at his sleeping angle before giving both a kiss.

"It doesn't matter what he looks like I'll still love baby boy..... My little Ryan."

Else where a year and four months ago

A women is holding hands with her husband as she pushes. The doctor takes out her newborn son who was as quiet as a mouse.

The doctor cleans him up and passes the newborn to his mother. She smiles just as her heart stops.

The baby cries as his father picks him up crying and trying to soothe the infant.

He doesn't look at his wife knowing what he would see if he did. "Shhh shhh little one daddy's here." The doctor walks over to the grieving father and pats him on the back.

"What would you like to name him?" He asks once the child calms    The father looks down at the helpless child's face. "Luke..... Let's call him Luke." He said

The doctor nods and helps the nurses pull away the dead corpse as the father stares out the window.

AND ITS OUT! So Luke was born a year and 4 months before Ryan  that's it. Sadly Luke's mother didn't make it..... Welp see you in the next chapter! (Omg that seems so heart less XD)

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