2day 4 U, Tomarrow 4 Me

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Everyone went to sleep that night. Sting and Rogue were at the hospital to get Sting fixed up from that jump.
The next morning came and Natsu gets a voicemail from father and mother, Igneel and Grandine. Grandine is a step mother who has a daughter named Wendy. Speaking of Wendy, she came knocking on the door with her girlfriend Chelia and her cat Carla.
As they walked in the heard the voice mail.

Grandine: Natsu... are you there... are you getting the call?? It's mom! I just wanted to call and say we are going to miss you today. And don't forget Wendy and her friend are coming over there.

Wendy: She is my girlfriend

Natsu: I know

Igneel: Natsu... I'm sorry to hear that Lucy dumped you. I say goodbye. Let her be a lesbian!

Gray: *laughs* God

Igneel: But anyways love you... happy holidays!

Natsu: Come in guys. And you know sometimes when we are so broke we can't even stand up and I ask myself how am I still alive? And then they call then I remember.

Wendy: You can say that again.

Chelia: Right! They don't even know we are dating!

Wendy: That's because I haven't come out yet.

Chelia: Ohhh

Carla: Well you need to soon.

Happy: aye!

Natsu: oh there you are buddy. Let me feed you.

Natsu got some fish and fed happy it. He then sat back down and saw what was on the window. It said, "X-Mas Brunch Downstairs. Juvi <3"

Nastu: Gray... what is that?

Wendy&Chelia: Yeah what is that?? *giggles*

Gray: Oh it's just Juvia from downstairs.

Natsu: You mean the girl from the dance club?

Gray: Yeah but...

Natsu: you should go.

Gray: Na... I shouldn't.

Wendy: You should gray. A girl like her doesn't just go and come.

Chelia: I agree.

The door opens and it shows Sting and Lector. Lector goes to Happy and Carla. Sting was limping a bit. He took his shoes off. Natsu went to sting to help him out.

Natsu: You alright what happened??

Sting: Oh nothing I'm fine. But I got Christmas drinks!

Girls: Yay!!

Boys: Awesome!

Sting: Yeah.

Sting pours everyone a glass. They say marry Christmas and cheered.

*play that shit!!!*

Sting: Oh I got a new teaching gig at NYU

Natsu: oh is that why you were able to splurge on us?

Sting: Actually no.

Everyone looked confused but sat on the couch.

Sting: Gentlemen and ladies, our benefactor on this Christmas Day
Whose charity is only matched by talent, I must say
A new member of the Alphabet City Avant-garde
Rogue Dumott Cherney

*Frosh comes out with white rose pedals* *rogue follows and twirls*
Rogue: Today for you, tomorrow for me
Today for you, tomorrow for me *hands Natsu and Gray money*

Sting: And you should hear her beat

Natsu&Wendy: You earned this on the street?

Rogue: It was my lucky day today on Avenue A
When a lady in a Limousine drove my way
She said, "Darling, be a dear, haven't slept in a year
I need your help to make my neighbor's yappy dog disappear"

"This Akita-Evita just won't shut up
I believe if you play nonstop that pup
Will breathe its very last high strung breath
I'm certain that cur will bark itself to death"
Today for you, tomorrow for me
Today for you, tomorrow for me
We agreed on a fee, a thousand dollar guarantee
Tax free and a bonus if I trim her tree
Now who could foretell that it would go so well
But sure as I am here that dog is now in doggy hell
After an hour, Evita in all her glory
On the window ledge of that twenty third story
Like Thelma and Louise did
When they got the blues
Swan dove into the courtyard
Of the Gracie Mews
Today for you, tomorrow for me
Today for you, tomorrow for me
Back on the street where I met my sweet
Where he was moaning and groaning on the cold concrete
The nurse took him home for some mercurochrome
And I dressed his wounds and got him back on his feet, sing it
Today for you, tomorrow for me
Today for you, tomorrow for me
I said, today for you, tomorrow for me
Today for you, tomorrow for me
*song ends*

Everyone clapped. The phone rang, and it was Lucy. Natsu answered the phone.

Lucy: Hey Natsu baby... I need help with the e equipment because Erza has no idea what the duck she is doing so if you could-

Natsu: *gets up and answers the phone* Hey Luce... yeah... ok... yeah.... I'll be there soon. Ok bye. *hangs up*
That was Lucy.

Sting: You could have said no.

Natsu: I know but-

Happy: You still liiiike her.

Natsu: Shut up you stupid cat!

Carla: Yes indeed.

Happy: Carla you don't mean it... do you?

Carla: I'm not sure!

Natsu: Well I am heading out.

Rogue: There is a meeting that is at the Lamia Scale Theater. You guys can come if you want.

Wendy: I think that would be a good idea considering me and Chelia both stopped with drugs.

Natsu: I agree. I'll be there... Gray??

Gray: Maybe...

Sting: Ok, just don't be in the house all day. It's Christmas.

Sting, Rogue, Wendy, Chelia, and Natsu leave. Happy , Lector, Frosh, and Carla go and talk by the window.

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