Imagine3: Confessions.

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Justin Bieber: He tells you he likes you.

You were hanging out with Justin when he suddenly asked you a question that took you off guard. "Hey Y/N do you like anyone?" He asked you. "I have someone in mind. Why?" You asked. "Because i like this girl and she's my best friend but she doesn't know it." He said. Once he said that you started to frown but shook it off. (Taylor Swift video reference). "Well tell me about her. What is she like?" You asked him. "Well she has a good personality. Her eyes sparkle when she's in a room. She's got good sense of style. She has beautiful Y/E/C. And she has. Luscious Y/H/C locks." You were thinking of anyone in the world. Then you realised that he was talking about you. "Y/N." he said. "Yeah." You asked. "We've been best friends for 4 years. I like you a lot. And I was wanting to know if you would go on a date with me? And give us a chance?" He asked you. You looked at him and came up with your answer immediately. "Justin I've liked you since we met. And I would love to go on a date with you. And give us a chance." You told him. Justin got up off of his couch and started running around the house screaming. You started laughing your ass off. Then Justin came over to you and gave you the biggest bear hug that he could muster up. "Thank you Y/N you won't regret this. I promise." He said after the hug. "I better not. Bieber. Or I'll end you." You said jokingly. Now you just got to find your outfit for you first date with Justin.

Ryan Butler: He tells you about his crush on you.

You and Ryan were at the summer dance when he started to ask you all these questions. "Y/N whose your person?" (Show reference). He asked you. "My person is someone who has an awesome personality. Has good looking brown hair. Likes hockey and likes the number 6 on a hockey jersey." When you told him this he started to frown. Then he realised that you were talking about him. "Ryan whose your person?" You asked him. "Well my person has a perfect personality. She's got beautiful Y/E/C. She likes the colour blue. She also likes hockey and the number 6 on a hockey jersey." He said. You frowned when he told you this about his crush. Then you started to realise that he was talking about you. You saw Ryan get up and stand in front of you. Then you heard your fave slow song. "Y/N may I have this dance?" He asked you. "Yes you may." You told him. He took your hand and dragged you to the dance floor. When you got onto the dance floor you had your arms wrapped around Ryan's neck and his arms were wrapped around your waist. While you were swaying side to side. (Ariana Grande video reference). He was looking at Justin and his friends and they were giving him the thumbs up. Ryan leaned in to whisper in your ear. "Y/N you've been my crush. For like ever. You were the girl I was talking about. Would you go on a date with me?" He asked you. While you were starring at him you were trying so hard not to grin. "Ryan you've also been my crush. For like ever. You were the guy I was talking about. And yes I would love to go on a date with you." You whispered back in his ear. Ryan was so happy. After the slow song you went to your friends and they started to ask you questions when Ryan started talking over them. "I asked Y/N to go on a date with me and she said yes. Y/N I won't let you down I promise." He said. "I know you won't." You said while kissing his cheek. You and Ryan were both blushing. And your friends were teasing you guys all night during the rest of the dance.

Chaz Somers: He tells you he likes you in a poem.

You were at the hockey arena because this is your last game to see who would go on to be hockey champions. You were going up against another hockey team called the Red leafs. You've been to some of there practices and games but they weren't as good as your team the Blue Preds. On the score board your team was winning. You were in the lead by 15 points. (Made it up). The other team was behind by 3 points. You were skating really fast on the field because the clock was about to run outta time. You had the puck and shot the winning goal when the buzzer went off. You were in the locker room when your twin brother and his friends came to congratulate you. "Hey sis you did good out there." Justin said. "Thanks bro." You said. "Yo Y/N you smashed that winning goal." Ryan said excitedly. "Y/N you did really good tonight." Christian said. "Hey Y-Y/N I've written something for you to read because I'm too nervous to say it out loud." Chaz said nervously. You took his phone from him and saw it was a poem.  In the poem it states that he likes you and he asked your twin (Justin) for your blessing to go on a date with him. After you read the poem. You looked between Justin and Chaz. You have Justin a huge hug. Then you gave Chaz an even bigger hug. "Chaz just to let you know I like you 2 and I would like to go on a date with you." You told him. Chaz started to smile. And then all the guys started to cheer. About the date and you winning the game. You went over to Justin. "Thank you for letting him take me on a date." You said to him. "Your welcome. I already knew he liked you and he's our friend so I said why not." Justin told you. Your coach called you your brother and his friends over. "Hey Y/N how would you like it if your friends came with us to get the trophy and to go on a celebratory dinner with the team?" Before you could get an answer in the boys all said at once. "Yes." The people who brought the trophy out to the hockey rink stood with your team to take pics and they wheeled it back to the trophy room. (It's bad luck for your team to touch the winning trophy). After you took pics and selfies with your brother his friends coach and members of your hockey team you went out for dinner. You were craving fast food so you guys went to McDonalds. After everyone had gotten there order there was a lot of chatter. While you were telling your twin brothers friends an inside joke that one of your friends on the team told you. You felt someone kiss your cheek. You looked over and it was Chaz. He was smirking. Then one of your team mates started to yell. "Hey who wants to get pics with the number one player on the team?" They yelled. "Hey I'm not just the number one player on the team all of you here are my number one players." You said. You and your group took pics and selfies. And then you took pics and selfies with your team. Now you just have to wait for your date with. THE Chaz Somers.

Christian Beadles: He tells you he likes you in a song from Justin.

You were at your house when you heard the doorbell ring. You opened it and saw that it was Justin, Ryan, Chaz, Christian, and his sister Caitlin. "Hey guys you wanna put your stuff in the kitchen and we can get this party started." You said. Then they all started to laugh because your a very funny person. You gave them all hugs and led them out to your back yard with your pool. All there eyes went wide. Then you looked at them. "What?" You said. "Y/N I didn't know that your pool was this big. I mean damn woman." Justin said. "Hey guys if you thought my pool was cool just take a look at this." You said with anticipation. You went over to where your hot tub and jacuzzi was. You grabbed a remote and pressed a button on it. Then out came your hot tub and jacuzzi. You looked at them and they were standing still. "Well what do you think?" You asked them. They started asking you questions. While you guys were in the pool you saw Justin and Christian get out. They kept looking at you when they were talking. Then Justin decided to speak. "Hey guys I wrote this song in the studio with Christian. This is for you Y/N." he said while him and Christian were looking at you. After the song was over you went over to Christian and gave him a huge hug. "I like you 2 and yes I would like to go on a date with you." You said to Christian. Everyone started clapping and they had there phones out taking pics. "Um guys what are you doing?" You asked. "Come on guys what are you doing?" Christian asked? "We were just taking some pics of you guys." Caitlin said. "Alright then. Take it away." You said. While they were taking pics. You looked at Christian and all of a sudden he kissed your cheek and your eyes got real wide. And they took the rest of there pics like that. You just couldn't wait for your date with Christian Beadles. Your best friends brother.

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