Chapter One: Lisanna's Return

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Lucy's POV

She's back.

As she walks through the guild doors looking cheerful, I couldn't help but snort mentally.

"Ohayo minna! I'm back!" Lisanna shouted and everyone turned, looking shell-shocked. In my mind, I was coming up with a million scenarios: what if she doesn't like me? What if she likes me? What if she takes Natsu from me? The last one shocked me. Since when did I care about Natsu. Maybe I meant it in like a friend way... I looked over at the large crowd gathering around her and sighed.

Natsu's POV

She's back.

My eyes welled up with tears as childhood memories came flooding back to me. Then she looked at me.

"NATSU!!!" She cried, jumping on top of me. "I missed you so much!"

"L-lisanna?" I stuttered, still not believing what I was seeing. "But how?"

~Ten Hours Later~
When she (and everyone else) finally calmed down, she began to tell her story. It seems as if she had never died and got sucked into and Anima when she "died."

"I'm so glad you're finally home!" I hugged her tightly. She hugged me back, not letting go. Then I realized someone was missing.

"Guys... where's Luce?" I looked around, not seeing the blond-haired mage.

Lisanna looked up at my face from my lap. "Who's Luce?"

"Oh she's my-" I started to say, but got interrupted.

"Is she your girlfriend?" Lisanna looked at me with those large blue eyes of hers.

"Of course not!" I blushed. "I don't like her like that! She's my friend and teammate!"

She smiled, "Do you like me?"

"O-oh um..."

"I'm just jokin!" She giggled.

We sat there for a while, not saying anything, but letting silence take over.

"Hey Natsu!"


"Can I crash at your place? I don't have a home yet." She looked at me with puppy eyes.

I blushed wildly at the thought, but I managed to nod my head. "S-sure."

But then I thought about Luce. Weird. She normally never goes home this early. I was still in the middle of thinking (this is very rare for Natsu, of course) when Lisanna tugged at my hand.

"Come on Natsu! It's getting pretty late."

I nodded and let her drag me to my house.

Lucy's POV

I want to KILL Natsu right now!! How could he abandon me?! I growled in frustration.

Plus looked at me, then slowly drifted off to sleep.

"I thought we were a team..."

The I realized this was his childhood friend whom he hasn't seen in quite a while. Of course he'd want to spend time with her. I guess I could be a little less harsh next time. But I still couldn't get rid off the aching in my chest.

"I guess I'll give that Lisanna a chance." I mumbled tiredly.

Plus half nodded in agreement as he slept on my bed.

~Next Morning~

"Omg!!" I look like a freakin zombie!!" I shouted in horror as I stared at the mirror.

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