Chapter 7

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I paced my room, back and forth. I felt as if my feet would wear a path into the wooden floor beneath them. Azreal left a few hours ago. Ever sense he left Malik had been glued to my side I could barely pee on my own. Finally I got so feed up with his stalker like behavior I asked him to take me to my room. He had let me go inside alone but knew he was standing outside the door just waiting for me to try something.

I leaned against the far wall across from the windows. I sank to the floor folding into myself. I rested my head on my knees closing my eyes. Tears slowly dripped down my cheeks silently letting out all the pain and anguish over from the past few days. I felt my heart crack as I thought of Ian. I knew he wasn't my mate but he has always protected me and loved me. How could someone like Azreal be my mate when there is someone so true to me to my heart as Ian. He has done nothing but let me be free and be true to myself. But all Azreal has done is locked me up.

I heard a soft tap at my door as it opened a crack. And there stood Malik his large form filling the doorway. He looked down at his his dark eyes calm his eyebrows furrowed. He walked over to me and I shrank back into the farther. He continued towards me and more tears slid down my cheeks falling uncontrollably. He stopped in font of me crouching down. His eyes meet mine there blue lighter than usual and kinder.

"Are you ok ma'ma?"

"I just want to leave. I just want to go home." I cried to him.

"You can't." He said blandly.

"Why?Why won't you just let me go? Hes not here he will never know. Please just let me go."

"Azreal would kill me for letting his mate go."

"He's going to kill me anyway."

"You truly think that low of him. He would never harm you. Your his mate. He could never hurt you."

"He said he was going to force me to mate with him.And if I refuse hes going to kill everyone I care about."

"alpha would never do that."

"Ya well he seemed to have no problem doing that earlier today."

Malik looked away . I looked around me and saw my opportunity. I reached over and gabbed the vase off the table and hit him with it across the back of his head. Before he could even move he fell to the ground out cold.

I stood quickly and ran to the door. I opened it peaking out. No one was around as I crept my way down the passage. I flew down the stairs trying to stay as quiet as possible. I knew as soon as I shifted into my wolf I would be ok.

I landed at the base of the stairs and saw one of the guards rounding the corner. I slipped into the shadows backing into the darkness. The guard continued into the next room not even glancing at me. I sucked in a breath calming my racing heart.

I moved from my place in the shadows. I ran through the hall till I saw two doors lading outside. I sprinted for them my feet slamming against the marble floor. I pushed through the door and as soon as I was outside a fresh breeze swept over me.

I sucked in a breath as I sprinted for the woods. As I ran I noticed that there were two guards behind me tracking me. I quickly shifted into my large wolf. I let my wolf guide me. My paws slammed against the muddy earth claws digging in. I sprinted into the trees the guards a bit farther behind now.

I continued to run feeling an ace start in my muscles. But I paused through. I took a moment to glance behind me. No one was there. I slowed my pace a bit then trying to save as much energy as possible.

After running for hours I finally came to a small creek. I stopped for a moment and took a long drink. I let the cool water seep into me. I helped cool me off a bit but my heart was still racing in my chest. I had to keep going. I had to get away. I have to get back to Ian.


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