Imagine2: Txt Message.

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AN= contact name and txt convo. Y= you. B=them

Justin Bieber: J BIEBES.

You were watching tv when you get a txt message from Justin.

J:Hey Y/N how are you?
Y:Hey Justin I'm good and you?
J:I'm good. Listen I have a question to ask you.
Y:Ok. What is your question?
J:Y/N. We've been friends for a while now. And I was wondering...
Y:Justin what are you doing?
J:I was wondering if you would go on a date with me?
Y:Of course I will go on a date with you Justin. But when and where?
J:That's for me to know and for you to find out.
Y:Justin I maybe your best friend but Ik your smirking. Rn. Lol. Anyways what do I need to wear?
J:Something Casual.
Y:Alright Justin. I'll-
J:I'll pick you up @7:00pm.
Y:Cool. I'll be waiting. Gn Justin.
J:Gn Y/N.

Ryan Butler: Future BF.

You were just sitting around when you decided to txt Ryan.

Y:Hey Ryan can I talk to you?
R:Hey Y/N what is it? Is there something wrong?
Y:Well yes and no.
R:What is it Y/N I can take it.
Y:Ryan my parents are getting a divorce but I'm having to choose who I want to live with. But they're bringing me to your house like rn.
R:Y/N I'm very sorry that your parents are divorcing. And alright that's awesome.
Y:I also have something to tell you but you might not like it and laugh at me.
R:Y/N whatever it is I'm not gonna laugh at you. How could I your gorgeous.
Y:You know the summer dance is coming up. Right.
R:Yep. Um what about it?
Y:And it's girls ask guys.
R:Y/N I'm nervous as to what your doing. And what your gonna say.
Y:Ryan Butler will you go to the summer dance with me?
R:Yes. I will go to the dance with you Y/N. Just when though?
Y:Well I was thinking that I could walk to your house and then take a ride with you. Is that ok?
R:Yep that is perfectly ok Y/N.
Y:Yay. I-I mean awesome.
R:I'm gon' sleep. Night Y/N.
Y:Night Ryan.

Chaz Somers: Hockey Hubby.

Chaz was texting his friends Justin Ryan and Christian when you got a group txt from Chaz.

C:Yo what up Y/N.
J:Aye Y/N's here.
R:Yay my best friend.
Ch:Hey Y/N hey.
Y:Sup' guys.
J:Y/N Chaz has something to ask you in front of me Ryan and Christian.
C:Justin noooo.
Y:Chaz what is it?
C:Y/N would you like to hangout with me.
Y:Yeah sure. When though? I'll have to look at the Callander because of hockey.
C:Um maybe now. Because we're gonna go to christians house and watch a movie.
Y:Cool. Do I need to meet y'all somewhere?
C:Can you walk down to Ryan's house because we're gonna get a ride to Christian's house.
Y:Yep I'm on my way there now. Do I need to bring snacks and drinks?
C:Nope no snacks or drinks we got it covered. I'll see you at Ryan's Y/N.
C:Guys say bye to Y/N.
J:See you sis.
R:See you best friend.
Ch:See you there Y/N.
Y:Bye guys. See you there.

Christian Beadles: BF.

You were home all alone because your parents went on a business trip. And later they were going on an adult vacation. So you couldn't go. You were bored out of your mind when you got a txt from Christian.

Ch:Yo Y/N wanna come through?
Y:I'm through Christian.
Ch:So Y/N what are you doing?
Y:Being bored my parents went on a business trip and now they're going on vacation and they didn't tell me when they would be back.
Ch:Well for 1 that's cool and 2 that's not fair. Becuz you don't get to do anything.
Y:Ik Ik. Hey I have a pool would you wanna come over and swim with me?
Ch:Yea sure do you want it to be just us or can the other guys come?
Y:They can come over 2.
Ch:Sweet. Let me get ready and I'll have my sister drive us all to your house. Sound good?
Y:Sounds good I'll see you later.
Ch:Yeah you will. Bye Y/N.
Y:Lol yeah I will. Bye Christian.

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